Tallinn University of Technology

The tasks of the R&D field are:

  • To initiate and engage in basic and applied studies in the relevant fields of research;

  • To conduct target- and grant-based research and R&D services on a contract basis;

  • To initiate and engage in programs and projects related to R&D activities and the implementation of research results;

  • To create and promote international relations and cooperate and conclude agreements with other educational and research institutions and organizations in Estonia and abroad.

R&D at TalTech is organized on the basis of institutes and research institutions belonging to the structure of individual faculties. The field of R&D is supervised by the Vice-Rector for Research and managed by the Research Administration Office.

R&D information is consolidated into the Estonian Research Portal (ETIS) which is utilized for the submission of research projects (target financed research themes, ETF grants, projects of national programs etc.) financing applications and reports as well as for the introduction of research results (publications, inventions, degree study etc.).

ETIS user support:

Doctoral Studies