Tallinn University of Technology

Business Cooperation

TalTech School of Business and Governance is open to long-term strategic cooperation with different stakeholders and interest groups in society. Our current cooperation partners include both large and small enterprises from Estonia and abroad, local governments, ministries, professional associations, think tanks and non-profit organisations. In an age of rapid technological advancement, we practice an interdisciplinary approach to research and to practical societal and economic issues by actively participating in international research projects and networks.

Why cooperate with the university?

  • We consider it important to facilitate knowledge transfer between the university and society.
  • We are a reliable and independent partner for all those who face challenges that require a high level of knowledge and innovative research-based solutions.
  • We help to create a competitive advantage for the company over competitors and add value to the organisation.
  • We enable you to contribute to Estonian higher education and research.
  • We enable you to participate in the largest network of top talent and experts.

Educational cooperation

  • Student projects - if there are challenges in your company or organization that you cannot immediately find a solution to - please, contact us. In cooperation with students and the teaching staff, we will help you find solutions to real-life organization-specific problems. New ideas emerge from student projects.
  • Mentoring students in student projects - if you have experience in managing and advising start-ups or international organizations, and would like to apply your knowledge and skills in mentoring university students – please, contact us.
SBG tudengid
SBG tudengid
  • Guest lecturers - if you are a valued expert in your field and you enjoy passing on your knowledge, this is the opportunity to test yourself as a guest lecturer in our study programmes.
  • Topics for student theses and co-supervision - if your organization needs to address a challenge or a problem but is unable to do so due to limited resources, and the problem is ambitious and voluminous enough to be researched in a student thesis, please let us know. We help to formulate your problem as the topic of the thesis and you can act as a co-supervisor of the research paper.
  • Contribution to curriculum development - if you are valued as a leader and have extensive international experience and would like to contribute to the development of the curricula that consider the needs of the labour market - please let us know.

Intermediation of internship and jobs

To facilitate the mediation of internships and job offers for students, TalTech School of Business and Governance has launched an online platform, which will bring together all offers for students of the School of Business and Governance.

SBG kohvik
SBG majandus

Applied research cooperation and expertise

  • Research and analyses - we carry out applied research and innovation projects that offer problem-based, innovative integrated solutions in cooperation with the other schools of the university.
  • Consultations - we provide advice on how to create concepts, develop and implement models in the focus areas of the School.
  • Expert opinions - our highly qualified experts will evaluate the operations and activities of your company.

SBG research groups

Professional development and in-service training

  • We offer in-service management training from middle management to senior management and highly skilled field specialists.
  • We provide tailor-made training to companies and public sector organizations, with the focus on creating a development program to solve the problems of an organization.
  • We offer general training sessions for start-up companies in cooperation with our partners.
SBG majandus