Tallinn University of Technology

Cooperation with students

The Student Council of the TalTech School of Business and Governance serves as an extension of the TalTech Student Council at the School of Business and Governance level and an intermediary between students and the management of the School. The role of the Student Council is to represent the interests of the student body of the School of Business and Governance, to ensure their rights, and to add value to university studies by organising various entertaining and educational events. The Council provides active and willing students with an opportunity to develop by organizing various projects and to contribute to student activism.

Our cooperation partners include companies such as Red Bull, Ernst & Young Baltics AS, Luminor Bank AS, Swedbank AS, SEB Pank, ABB AS, LHV Pank AS, Telia Eesti AS, Pipedrive OÜ, and several government agencies and many others.

Target Group:

The student body of the School of Business and Governance (approximately 2,500 students), in particular, but those interested in our projects are also welcomed to participate.

What we offer?

  • An opportunity to distribute your promotional products to students (e.g. shirts, pens, information materials, etc.);
  • Representation of the company logo on all posters printed for an event; Photographs of students promoting your products;
  • University-wide coverage among students and alumni via the Student Council social media accounts (Instagram and/or Facebook);
  • Mentioning the name of your company in the follow-up and summary of the event;
  • An opportunity to display your logo/insignia in the form of a banner and/or roll up at the event.

The Student Council is open to various cooperation offers that involve students.