Tallinn University of Technology


A minor module allows you to acquire additional knowledge and skills to start your career in this particular field and enables further study at the next level. 

The minimum number of credits in the minor module is 45 ECTS and the module is always part of a certain study programme. The courses included in the minor module may have prerequisites that have to be passed before registration for the particular course. If the prerequisites have not been passed, the total number of ECTS may turn out to be higher than required in the minor module.

At the School of Business and Governance you can choose the following minor:

  • International Business Administration (bachelor's degree) (for a fee)

To learn more about the minor specialties you are interested in see the corresponding programme in Study Information System, where the minor module has been outlined in detail.

The credit points earned for the minor module courses are collected in the module of free choice courses. The completion of the module will be validated before the graduation only in case the student has selected the minor module in Study Information System under the section “Student performance records”. The module can be chosen on an ongoing basis, either before or after completing the courses included in the minor module. An indication of passing a minor module has to be included in the academic transcript.

If you have any questions, please contact the student counsellor.