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Application period for study mobility in the 2021/2022 academic year has ended!

As part of a scheme to promote international cooperation and the dissemination of knowledge, grants are made available to cover 1-10 month research and study visits for international PhD students at Estonian universities under fully accredited PhD studies’ programmes regardless of the speciality.

Eligibility requirements

Candidates must:

  • reside in a country other than Estonia
  • be enrolled in a doctoral programme offered by an educational institution recognised by that country’s authorities
  • not be enrolled as a student in a higher education institution of Estonia when the application is submitted
  • stay in Estonia during the period for which the scholarship has been granted
  • resume studies in his/her home country after the end of the grant period.

The selection among the candidates will be made by TalTech. The applications are accepted and processed ongoingly.

Each eligible student will receive:

  • accommodation allowance 660€ per month
  • a fixed transport allowance, which depends on the distance of residence from Estonia 

The grant is paid by the TalTech.

If you are interested in the scholarship for research and study outlined above, then please contact Marika Lunden, marika.lunden@taltech.ee

Application form

The support scheme is financed by the European Regional Development Fund.