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Prof. Andrus Salupere, professor of solid state mechanics in the Department of Cybernetics, has been the Dean of the School since February 18, 2020.

Andrus Salupere
Dean Professor Andrus Salupere

His scientific interests include continuum mechanics and nonlinear waves. During the last decade his research has focused on numerical simulation of dynamic processes in micro-structured solids and determining the regularity of the formation and dispersion of solitons. Professor Salupere delivers lectures in various courses on mechanics. He has supervised successfully five doctoral theses.

Prof. Andrus Salupere graduated from the University of Tartu in the field of applied mathematics and completed his postdoctoral research stay at Pierre et Marie Curie University in Paris. His research has taken him to the University of Cambridge and University of Oslo as a visiting scholar. In Tallinn University of Technology he has worked since 1986, elected for professor in 2002 and through attestation was granted full professorship in 2017.

Honours & awards

National Order of the White Star, 2013


  • Vice-Dean of Academic Affairs, Professor Vello Tõugu

  • Vice-Dean of Research and Development, Professor Riina Aav

The School Council

The School Council is an academic decision-making body of the School. The Council includes the heads of the structural units of the School, representatives of the academic staff, student representatives and members appointed by the Dean from outside the university. The School Council discusses and decides on matters related to education, research and development at the School level.

1. Andrus Salupere, dean, chairman;
2. Olle Hints, head of the department of geology;
3. Pirjo Spuul, head of the department of chemistry and biotechnology;
4. Jaan Janno, head of the department of cybernetics;
5. Rivo Uiboupin, head of the department of marine systems;
6. Rutt Hints, representative of the academic staff;
7. Tiit Lukk, representative of academic staff;
8. Sirje Sildever, representative of academic staff;
9. Marko Vendelin, representative of academic staff;
10. Helen Pais, representative of students;
11. Argo Tammemäe, representative of students;
12. Kristjan Siilak, representative of students;
13. Anne Kahru, Head of the Laboratory of Environmetal Toxicology in National Institute Of Chemical Physics And Biophysics.

management of study programmes

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