Tallinn University of Technology

Research topics

Department of Geology

Bedrock Geology. Isotope Geology. Mineral Resources and Applied Geology. Mining. Quaternary Geology. 

Research Groups at the Department of Geology

Department of Chemistry and Biotechnology

Advancing Analytical and Computational Chemistry Methods for Regulatory Decisions. Angiogenesis. Biomedicine. Catalysis. Asymmetric organocatalysis. Computational Chemistry. Flow Chemistry. Food Science and Technology. Biotechnology.  Food and Nutrition. Genetics and Molecular Aspects of Plant-Microbe Interactions. Lab-On-a-chip and Smart Analytical technologies. Lipid Biochemistry. Mechanochemical synthesis. Metalloproteomics. Molecular Neurobiology. Molecular Science and Engineering. Neuron-astrocyte interactions. Oxidation. Lignin Biodegradation. Reproductive Biology. Structural biology. Systems and Synthetic Biology. Supramolecular Chemistry. Wood chemistry and biomass valorization technologies. Initiation of replication. Helicobacter pylori. Sustainability of food systems

Research Groups at the Department of Chemistry and Biotechnology

Department of Cybernetics

Group and Semigroup Theory. Inverse Problems and Stochastic Methods. Mathematical Analysis. Nonlinear Wave Dynamics. Rheology of Compsites. Systems Biology. Theoretical Physics. Wave Engineering.

Research Groups in the Department of Cybernetics

Department of Marine Systems

Dynamics of Gradient Systems. Modelling and Remote sensing of Marine Dynamics.

Research Groups in the Department of Marine Systems