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Student Council of the School of Science of Tallinn University of Technology

Student Council of the School of Science of Tallinn University of Technology (LÜK) is an organization that unites active and committed students of the School of Science.

We promote active student life and represent the students of our faculty. We can contribute to the promotion of education and the improvement of quality. LÜK members can participate in the organization of many educational and entertaining events aimed at both our membership and the entire university family. Everyone will find something for themselves in our ventures.

LÜK is the place for you if you want to contribute to the promotion of education and student life, and if you want to learn and practice new skills outside of your major.

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Major events

The Know Your Science Festival held in the spring is LÜK's annual major event. TalTech research groups and private companies, operating in the field of natural sciences, will present themselves at the event. The goal of the project is to introduce students to science and opportunities for practice and final work. At the event, it is possible for all undergraduate students to establish relationships and find a future job in order to take the first steps in a budding science career.

What scientist wouldn’t like a quiz! After all, it’s a favorite pastime of Estonians. With fun questions, we bring together students from our own and other curricula to test their knowledge in the field of sciences.

Beer pong is a favorite sport among students! It is often practiced at both larger and smaller gatherings. Every year, LÜK organizes a traditional ÜK+ORG beer pong tournament, where the best TalTech student organization in beer pong is determined!

Winter holidays is LÜK's annual recreational trip that takes place at the beginning of the spring semester. The two-day event is full of exciting activities, fun challenges and memorable adventures. During the winter days, new active members of the organization take an oath and are recognized as full-fledged active members.

Small events

Learning science is not easy. That is why LÜK has taken it upon itself to motivate its members so that all students get the diploma they want! We organize motivational evenings at least once a month, even more during stressful times. We motivate ourselves with active activities, fun gatherings and exciting board game or movie nights.

Every month, we discuss the most important current issues and concerns within the organization at tea parties. We also collect new ideas for future events and share thoughts on various topics. Tea parties are gatherings with a pleasant atmosphere, and everyone is welcome to listen and chat.

Other projects

Loodusabi is a project aimed at the entire School of Science, which aims to make learning easier for students. With Loodusabi, we bring together those in need of help with those who can help, whether it is understanding higher mathematics, solving quantum chemistry problems or revising for exams.

LÜK is open to all students of the School of Science. Each new member has the opportunity to join the mentoring system, which aims to facilitate the integration into the student community. Our mentors are very helpful, sociable and one of your first friends at the university, with whose support you can expand your communication network and participate in projects, including their organization.

Tutors are senior students who help younger students. They can be approached with both academic and personal concerns.

Being a tutor provides several opportunities, such as developing communication and counseling skills, gaining performance experience and also developing performance skills.

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