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The purpose of the emission measurement is to ensure that a power plant/industry meets environmental compliance on gas emissions. Analyses involves: - Gas emission analyses using FTIR gas analyzer - Determination of PM 1/ PM 2.5/ PM 10 and TSP in flue gases and emissions - Measurement of temperature, velocity and flow of gaseous environment - Determination of total volatile organic compounds (VOC) in flue gases using continuous flame ionization detector method (FID) - Physical and chemical analyses of ash collected from filters Laboratory in Department of Energy Technology is accredited and has competence in fuel analyses, thermal engineering and conducting air emission measurements.

Laboratory of service

Laboratory Fuel and Air Analysis and Thermal Testing

Methods and standards

EVS-EN 15259, EVS-EN 13284-1, EVS-EN 12619, EVS-ISO 10780


Oliver Järvik

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Estonian, English