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Service description

Testing of construction aggregates. Particle size distribution and fines. Flakiness index and particle shape. Shape index. Crushed surfaces in aggregate particles. Methylene blue test. Resistance of fragmentation (LA coefficient). Freeze-thaw resistance. Loose bulk density. Voids. Particle density and water absorption. Chloride content. Humus content.

Laboratory of service

Research and Testing Laboratory of Building Materials

Methods and standards

EVS-EN 933-1; EVS-EN 933-3; EVS-EN 933-4; EVS-EN 933-5; EVS-EN 933-9; EVS-EN 1097-2; EVS-EN 1367-6 (NaCl); EVS-EN 1097-3; EVS-EN 1097-6; EVS-EN 1744-1

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III-B korpus, Ehitajate tee 5, Tallinn, 19086

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Estonian, English