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The Department of Materials and Environmental Technology at Tallinn University of Technology is offering the service of nanoscale materials characterization with high-resolution Scanning Electron Microscope (HR-SEM) Zeiss MERLIN i.e studies of morphology, phase- and elemental composition and electrical properties of the materials. Different visualisation opportunities (using SE, BSE, In-LensSE, In-LensBE etc detectors) are offered for the imaging of the samples including topographical studies, determination of particle size or thin film thickness in nanoscale etc (the spatial resolution of Zeiss MERLIN is below 1 nm). Zeiss Merlin SEM enables to study samples from conductive, non-conductive and magnetic materials. For the studies of elemental composition of materials (elements Be - Am), the Energy Dispersive X-ray Spectroscopy is used (EDS). Chemical phase composition can be determined by Electron Backscatter Diffraction (EBSD). For electrical characterization of the samples, the Electron Beam Induced Current (EBIC) method can be applied. Preparation of samples for SEM analysis is included in the service (making of cross-sections, coating with metal layer, polishing etc). Magnetron sputtering can be used for coating the sample with ultrathin layer of metal (0.1-10 nm of Au, Pd, Pt etc). The surface of the sample can be treated with Ar ion etching or chemical etching. Cross-sections of the samples, including metal samples, can be prepared by polishing. The system “miBotTM BT-14 on the 4-Bot stage” (Imina Technologies) acquired under NAMUR+ enable electrical measurements from micrometer down to the nanometer scale under electron microscope. The whole system features up to four piezoactuated manipulators allowing independent positioning of the probes over few millimeters with a resolution up to 40 nm.

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Laboratory of Photovoltaic Materials


Marit Kauk-Kuusik

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