Tallinn University of Technology


TalTech students have the opportunity to train for free until the end of the studies if a student has passed both courses - MK 3001 and MK 3002. Course allows to train free of charge under the same conditions as times offered in the course. After passing both courses, it is possible to continue trainings on the same conditions as declaration done before (see trainings here). 


Your card will be activated with the administrator of sports club in the beginning of semester. An ISIC student card is required for training. In the absence of an ISIC card, it is possible to receive a replacement card by the Sports Club, but a deposit of 10€ must be paid for it, which you will get back if you return the card after the end of the training period.

NB! Mon - Sun 15:30 - 16:00 is cleaning in the gym, please use the circuit training room and leave the gym to continue training during this time! Training at your own risk! Please bring a €2 coin to lock the locker, you will get it back after training.