Tallinn University of Technology

Internal Rules of Sports Club


  1. TalTech Sports Club (hereinafter the Club) can be accessed no later than one hour before the closing time of the club. You must leave the club by closing time.

  2. While staying at the Club, all clients are obliged to follow the Club's internal rules.

  3. The club has the right to make changes in the club's opening hours, price list, timetable, etc.

  4. The club has the right to save members' personal data and photos.

  5. The Club has video surveillance to ensure security.

  6. All clients are expected to have a prudent attitude towards the Club's equipment and co-trainers.

  7. Services in the Club are provided only by persons authorized by the Club.

  8. Club membership is personal and it is not allowed to give the membership card to third parties.

  9. The administrator has the right to ask the client for a document to identify the person.

  10. The Club must be informed immediately about the loss of the membership card, the member will be issued a new card for a fee according to the price list.

  11. Clients are allowed to train from the age of 8, all clients under the age of 16 may use the Club only under the supervision of an adult responsible person. Children under the age of 12 (except for children participating in children's and youth training up to 15 minutes before the start of their training) are not allowed to be taken to the gym and group trainings and left unattended in the Club premises.

  12. While staying at the club, clients are obliged to wear sportswear and indoor footwear.

  13. It is forbidden to enter training grounds with outerwear and outdoor footwear.

  14. Smoking, consumption of alcoholic beverages and drugs on the territory of the club and entry into the club under the influence of alcohol or drugs is prohibited. Consumption of alcohol is allowed if it is approved by the Club.

  15. Items forgotten and found in the club will be kept in the club reception desk for 30 days.

  16. In case of violation of the internal rules or rude and bad behavior, the staff has the right to demand the visitor to leave and close the membership card for a limited time. In case of material damage, the Club has the right to demand full compensation for the damage.

  17. If the theft is detected by a client, the thief will be followed by an unavoidable lifetime ban on visiting the Club. The club has the right to demand compensation for the damage caused by the theft.

  18. The club is not responsible for the personal property of the clients. The Club is also not responsible for accidents caused by the client's own actions or force majeure.

  19. Pets and scooters are not allowed inside the sports club.


  1. Clients may operate on the club's premises during the club's opening hours. Outside the general opening hours, clients may stay in the Club only if a separate agreement has been done between the Club and the client. The administration, website and door signs inform about the opening hours of the club and saunas.

  2. Lockers in the changing rooms are intended for use only during the training according to the Club's opening hours. It is forbidden to leave personal belongings in the locker for non-training time.

  3. When coming to the gym, a 2-euro coin must be provided to use the locker in the changing room (the coin will be returned after using the locker).

  4. The coach receives the wardrobe key for the training group from the administrator 30 minutes before the start of the training. The coach is responsible for ensuring that the changing rooms are vacated in a timely manner and that the key is returned to the administrator.

  5. It is recommended to wear flip-flops in the washrooms.

  6. It is mandatory to use seating bases in the sauna. A moderate amount of hot water must be used to throw steam, taking into account other sauna users.

  7. Shaving, hair coloring, drying laundry and other extraneous activities are prohibited on the Club premises.

  8. The use of oils, honey, salts and other body and facial care products in saunas and washrooms are not permitted. Whistling in steam rooms is prohibited.


  1. The client trains in the Club at his/her own risk. The client is obliged to immediately inform the staff about injuries and traumas caused during the training.

  2. After training, it is obligated to return the equipment to the designated areas. Talc is not allowed in the gyms.

  3. If the group training is delayed (more than 10 minutes), the coach has the right not to allow the client to the training.

  4. If the client needs to leave the group training before the end of the training, the coach must be informed before the start of the training.


  1. The use of courts must be made in prior registration.

  2. Consumption of alcohol and smoking on the courts is prohibited.

  3. After the use of the court, the previous condition of the court must be restored (garbage collection and smoothing of the court).

  4. When leaving the court, it is mandatory to clean yourself of sand.


  1. Before entering the gym, a client must register at the security gates or the administrator.

  2. Children under the age of 8 are not allowed in the gym. Children aged 8-16 can only train Under the supervision of an adult or parent. From the age of 17 can train independently.

  3. A client is obligated to wear clean training shoes that are used indoors only. It is recommended to use a training towel. It is not allowed to train barefoot, with a bare upper body or to wear loose shoes in the gym.

  4. It is forbidden to use several training devices and equipment at the same time. Weights and training equipment must not be dropped to the floor.

  5. Free weights used in the gym must be put back in place after use.

  6. It is forbidden to lift weights on the padded part of the bench.

  7. Intentional damaging or theft of gym property will result in a club ban and damages must be paid in full.

  8. The administrator writes the validity period for the gym access, it cannot be changed by client. Access to the gym is nominal and may not be passed on to third parties.

  9. The client is allowed to place the equipment necessary for training on his/her rented sports area, but it must be removed after use. The equipment installed must not damage the floors, walls or structures. If the Club's property is damaged, the damage must be compensated in full.


  1. In case of violation of the internal rules, the Club has the right to suspend the membership and restrict the visit to the Club.