Tallinn University of Technology

semester card

The annual card options

  • A student can purchase a semester card for training, if student has not declared the subject Basics of Physical Movement;

  • Can visit all training sessions Mon - Fri according to the timetable;

  • The sports club pass can only be placed on the ISIC, personnel card and white card issued by the sports club.

The card is valid during the semester:

Autumn semester 04.09.2023 - 22.12.2023

Spring semester 29.01.2024 -24.05.2024 


It is possible to pay both in cash and by card. Annual card costs 25€ if ISIC card is activated. In the absence of an ISIC card, it is possible to receive a replacement card by the Sports Club, but a deposit of 10€ must be paid for it, which you will get back if you return the card after the end of the training period.

NB! Training at your own risk! Please bring a €2 coin to lock the locker, you will get it back after training.