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Have you come to study IT at the university and want to do more than just attend lectures? Want to meet new people and get involved with organizing awesome events? Build keyboard thrones or magic mirrors? Or to speak out on educational issues concerning the faculty?

ITÜK is here to make it even better, more interesting, and fun for IT students to study at the university so that their word can come to power and everyone has the opportunity to make the most of their university years!

If you have any concerns or a cool project idea, you can contact the ITÜK board by writing to us at info@ituk.ee.

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The Student Council of the school of Engineering brings together all active students of the Faculty of Engineering. Our goal is to offer students a change from monotonous school days and to represent all faculty students at the university. We are waiting for all active and cool engineering students who want to contribute to our work.

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Student Council of the School of Science of Tallinn University of Technology (EST: Loodusteaduskonna Üliõpilaskogu ehk LÜK) is an organization that unites active and committed students of the Faculty of Science. We promote active student life and represent students of our faculty. We can contribute to the promotion of education and the improvement of its quality. Members of LÜK can participate in organising many educational and entertaining events that aimed at both the membership and the entire university family. Everyone will definitely find something to do for themselves. LÜK is the right place for you if you want to contribute to the development and promotion of education and students' life. It is also the place where you can learn and practise new skills outside of your trade.

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The aim of the Student Council  of the School of Business and Governance  (MTÜK) is to represent all students of the School of Business and Governance, to stand up for their interests and to be a link between the students and the management of the faculty.

Active students of the faculty are gathered at MTÜK to get worthy acquaintances for life. Together, exciting projects and events are carried out to make university life more interesting. For example, MTÜK organizes investment evenings, political evenings, business evenings and professional evenings, in the framework of which top performers in their field are invited to speak. In addition, company visits, work week weeks, field trips and pleasant free time are organized.

MTÜK is a place where students can turn to the faculty and their studies with problems and suggestions!

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Majandusteaduskonna üliõpilaskogu

The mission of the TalTech Student Council of the Estonian Maritime Academy is to promote the educational and cultural development opportunities of TalTech EMERA students and to stand up for the students' livelihood.

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Kopli 101, 11712 Tallinn
Room number of the board members: 161
Room number of the Student Council: 162