Tallinn University of Technology

Do you remember the confusion you may have had when you first arrived in Estonia and started your studies at  TalTech - finding the right classrooms, understading OIS  & Moodle? A lot of new information to take in! Now you can help make the adaptation for new students fun and easy! Become a buddy and help freshmen settle in Estonia and TalTech.

Buddies are older course students who want to help new international students settle in Estonia and at TalTech. Buddies will help with questions concerning life here in Estonia, studies etc.  Both Estonian and foreign students are welcome to apply to join the Buddy programme.

If you are interested in becoming a buddy, please e-mail careerguide@taltech.ee 

Why become a Buddy?

  • You will meet interesting people from around the world and make new friends
  • You will improve your communication and counselling skills
  • Your communication network will widen
  • Great chance to practice your English
  • Most importantly you can help other students to settle in!

  • Be a friend and confidant for 5-7 students who arrive in Estonia (you help them get used to Estonian environment and TalTech via e-mail and conversations). First students start to make contact with Buddies already in the beginning of August!

  • Tutoring will start in August: 5-7 new students wait for your counselling
  • Tutoring on Orientation Days in August and counselling throughout semester
  • You will be asked to provide feedback about your work in December to help with programme improvement
  • It would be good if you are there for you student also the second semester
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