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Our vision is to promote the welfare of African students in Estonia, for our development, our continent and host country.


  • Enhancing the well-being of African students in Estonia.
  • Promoting peaceful co-existence between African students and Estonia along and the entire Estonian community.
  • Promoting contact sharing among African students.
  • Aiding the integration of African students into the Estonian society.

More information about us: https://www.facebook.com/aasestonia/

Autospordiklubi can be described by 3 words: repairing, events and excursions. For repairing, the club owns a VW Transporter T2 (year 76) that we call “Tudengibuss”. Despite the fact that a lot of work needs to be done, our goal is to restore the van into its street legal form. We as a club appreciate skills needed to keep old cars moving and the art of DIY. That is why we try to make most of the job on our own.

Our main event is “Hobiautode kokkutulek” (project car meeting) that gathers together most of the TalTech students project cars. If it is a machine that is really unique or just a loved daily driver does not matter. Goal is to meet, make new contacts, share experiences and of course popularize project car culture.

Also we organize trips to museums, companies and social media stars related to car culture and history.

If our Club seems interesting to you, feel free to e-mail us to ask@taltech.ee or write to us on Facebook. Whoever is interested in our Club, you are welcome to join us every time! It might seem that we are waiting to our club people who have mechanics skills but that is not so. If you want to see us grow then we would really appreciate some help on organizing events and managing our social media.

What exactly is BEST as a student organization? Who are we, BESTies, in these blue, sky-colored sweaters and why do we do it?

The answer could be as simple as the direct meaning of the word - "the best", but we don’t praise ourselves like that. In fact, BEST-Estonia is one of the local groups of BEST (Board of European Students of Technology), an international organization with local groups in 95 technical universities in as many as 32 countries.

Based on our internationality and our vision of empowered diversity, BEST offers a variety of ways to discover different countries across the European cultural space, to get to know and collaborate with students from different fields and to gain unforgettable experiences through lifelong friendships and opportunities for self-development.

A BESTie can travel at affordable prices and receive training programs that we offer both locally and internationally. Each and every member can freely choose which topics interest them - you can develop yourself in the field of fundraising, public relations, design and marketing, as well as in IT and music. However, the possibilities are not limited to the ones mentioned above - there are many more ways to develop yourself!

Does that seem too good to be true? Our office door on the 3rd floor of the Student House is always open for you!

More information: 


ESN TalTech IC is an international student organization that aims to create a more flexible education environment. We make sure that the international student community in TalTech is connected and supported. With this, we mean that we are the ones who organize different kinds of engaging events for them, such as International dinner, language cafe, board games and many more variant events.

We also make trips with our incredible travel partners to different places like Saint Petersburg and Lapland. How awesome is that?! For those who come to our events a lot, we have a special membership card called ESNcard, which allows us to have a discount with our partners in Estonia and around Europe. ESN globally is offering services to more than 350 000 students, and we are delighted to be part of it!

We are a team of energetic international volunteers who want to help others and make an impact. We are located in a cosy office in TalTech and welcome everyone to become our member. If you’d like to join us, send us a message, and let’s have a chat.

Email: esn.taltech.ic@gmail.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/esntaltechic
Instagram: @esntaltechic

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ESN TalTech IC

ESTIEM LG Tallinn is an international organization for engineering students which enables students to develop themselves in four different areas.

By becoming a member you:
- Get your academic supplement to courses in university through our in-depth seminars on relevant topics
- Practise your career skills by competing in our case competitions and learn how to become an entrepreneur
- Broaden your cultural horizon and get a unique insight into the differences between European countries
- Grow on a personal level by training your soft skills and learn more about your inner motivations

ESTIEM is a European network that connects IEM (Industrial Engineering and Management) students in nearly 80 universities.

Write to us: board.tallinn@estiem.org
Find out more: Homepage | Facebook | Instagram


Formula Student Team Tallinn is a student organization where students have the opportunity to gain knowledge and practical experience in product development, programming, and the business side of the automotive industry.

Each season, the team develops an electric formula car. Within one year they go through all the important stages of product development - design, manufacturing and testing. In the summer, the team’s knowledge and the formula car’s capabilities are put to the test in the international product development competitions of the Formula Student series. In addition to the ability of the formula car, they also compete with other top universities in design defending, comprehensiveness of the cost report, and presentation of a theoretical business plan.

The main focus of the team is on engineers and programmers, whose knowledge and skills are the basis for building the formula car. However, administrative members also play a crucial role, responsible for things like marketing, sponsorship relations, design, events, business plan presentation.

Formula Student Team Tallinn is a young engineer's journey to the top!

Find out more: 

E-mail: info@formulastudent.ee 
Homepage: www.formulastudent.ee
Facebook: www.facebook.com/FSTeamTallinn 
Instagram: www.instagram.com/fsteamtallinn 
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/fs-team-tallinn/

Tudengivormeli tiim

Juuliuse Jüngrid (Disciples of Juulius) offers students great events, good company, and a sense of belonging. We organise both sports and cultural events at the university, support actively our university's athletes and cooperate with other student organisations to bring the whole university family closer together. Our organization offers opportunities for self-fulfilment in a variety of areas: event management, social media, classical media, photo and video editing, public speaking, as well as physical and mental health.

So - do you want to make your student life one of the most memorable experiences and have friends for life? Join Juuliuse Jüngrid!

We are waiting for you:



Lapikud is TalTech's software development club, that connects/brings together former and current Taltech students who have an interest in IT. Our primary goal is to give a broader base of qualities for students to bring to their future endeavours. Lapikud offers the opportunity to take part in interesting projects and create something with their own hands. Besides that Lapikud offers a student-friendly Helpdesk service.

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MTÜ Õigus Juuratudengid, more familiarly known as Õigus, is the student association of Tallinn Law School. It was founded in the fall 2013 to act as a trustee for its members in the faculty of law and to offer study, social and cultural services for its members.

Õigus operates under Tallinn University of Technology collaborating with student unions and other student organizations, as well as with the business partners. Outside Estonia, the cooperation is carried out with other law associations from various countries. Õigus is also actively looking for new cooperation opportunities. 

To make student life fun, Õigus organizes different kind of events for students, events varies from academic events to visits to law firms and ministies, to  excursions and non-school related events. 

Õigus wants to actively help students of Tallinn Law School in study matters as well as other everyday challenges. If you have a problem, feel free to turn to us and we will do our best to support and guide you in the difficulties of rough student life. Together we can make our student years unforgettable!

Learn more:
Instagram: mtuoigus
Facebook: MTUOigus
E-mail: mtuoigus@gmail.com

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TalTech Marketing Club aims to offer practical experience and new knowledge in the field of marketing to students. Club members are characterized by a passion for marketing and a desire to acquire new skills. By joining our family, you are one step closer to a potential employer!

In the Marketing Club, you will find cheerful students who are eager to contribute to the student life at TalTech and their own personal development. We organize “TalTechi Turundusõhtu” to promote our field within the university internally and externally, engage in both larger and smaller projects to involve students in student life, and host internal motivational events. Additionally, we manage the social media presence of a couple of student organizations and provide marketing-related training to make organizations or companies more prominent.

Find out more:
Facebook: TalTechTurundusklubi
Instagram: taltech_turundusklubi
TikTok: taltech_turundusklubi
E-mail: taltechturundusklubi@tipikas.ee
Web page: www.taltechturundusklubi.com/en

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Robotics Club has about 40 active members and connects overall approximately 250 robotics enthusiasts. The club has close ties with robotics enthusiasts not only in Estonia but also in Baltic countries.

We regularly arrange trainings and take part in robotics competitions, often winning awards. There are always ongoing development projects, including wall-climbing robots, flying drones and even an autonomous hockey table. Here you can develop yourself professionally but also challenge your organisational skills. This is an incredible opportunity to apply your theoretical knowledge in real life and build something with your own hands!

Find out more:

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Solaride is an ambitious educational project that aims to build a solar car to compete with the world's top universities and put it to the test in Australia at the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge.

But the main result of the project is not only about building a car and developing new technologies. In the process, each Solarider goes through the Solaride Academy, an educational program aimed at developing future competencies, "which inspires young people and from which the next top engineers, inventors and world changers grow" (Martin Villig, co-founder of Bolt).

During the Solaride Academy's two-year program students from general education schools, from Estonia’s best colleges and universities, and also young people already working meet and are mentored by top-level managers and specialists from both the private and public sectors.

Our team consists of mechanical, electronic and software engineers, finance and partnership people, marketing people and HR and academy team.

More information: www.solaride.ee
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/team.solaride
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/team.solaride/
LinkedIn https://ee.linkedin.com/company/solaride

Solaride tiim

The main activities of the Student Satellite are the development and construction of scientific satellites. We offer practical experience to students, by allowing them to participate in various space technology projects and increase the number of high-level specialists in Estonia. The Student Satellite is an independent organization that includes students from TalTech and other universities. In addition to technical challenges, the goal of the organization is to introduce and popularize the field of space through various events.
Let's contribute to mankind's space discoveries!

Find out more:
Email: info@tudengisatelliit.ee


Are you interested in cycling with other students? Want to visit unique places around Tallinn and elsewhere in Estonia? TalTech Adventure Cycling Club organizes approximately 50 cycling events per year and all TalTech students, graduates, staff members or just interested parties are welcome!

Find out more:
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The TalTech Debate Club is the prime destination for people, who either enjoy discussing both philosophical and practical issues in a structured environment and/or who want to test their organizational skills. TalTech Debate Club is hugely successful in the local and international debating scene, with members of the society taking part in anywhere up to 10 international debating tournaments per year and also constantly organizes many debating events throughout the year.

We gather and debate once a week, meetings take place in TalTech Campus. Meeting times:

Wednesdays - 19:00 room SOC-322 (in english)

Tuesdays - 18:00 room SOC-211 (in russian)

Võta ühendust / Contact us / Свяжитесь с нами: 
https://www.facebook.com/TalTechDebate/ and https://www.facebook.com/groups/taltechdebate.rus

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TalTech Film Club unites students interested in film and video production. With us you can learn about video production, from planning to cinematography and montage, from scriptwriting to acting. In addition, we produce sketches, commercials, and all other video genres you can think of. Previous experience is not a prerequisite - when you take part in video projects we'll teach you all about setting up scenes, handling cameras, transforming footage into a finished product, and everything in between. We have modern technology that we've acquired over the years - cameras, movie lights, montage computers, and sound equipment. Do you want to make films? Join the Film Club!

Learn more:

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Get to know the TalTech Student Managed Fund, the first student-led investment fund in Estonia! TalTech Student Managed Fund is created to provide students with the opportunity to dive into the real world of investment and develop their knowledge and skills on a practical level.

What makes us unique? Our members' passion and enthusiasm! The active members of TalTech Student Managed Fund are truly remarkable - they are willing to take risks, explore new opportunities, and continuously learn and grow.

How do we operate? Members of TalTech Student Managed Fund have the opportunity to gain practical experience in making real investments. Our fund's team conducts market analysis, researches potential investment opportunities, makes decisions, and monitors the performance of their portfolio.
In addition to practical investment experience, we offer TalTech Student Managed Fund members a unique opportunity to build relationships and networks with professionals in the investment world.

The goal of TalTech Student Managed Fund is to provide investment education through long-term growth of the fund's assets achieved by investing in various instruments. Students have the opportunity to explore, learn, and grow in the world of investment. Our continuous learning, experience sharing, and collaboration enable us to achieve excellent results.

Learn more:

Email: taltech.tudengifond@gmail.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/tudengifond
Instagram: www.instagram.com/tudengifond
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/company/taltechstudentmanagedfund


Come and help take a step towards a greener future!

It is an organization engaged in the development and popularization of hydrogen technology, which brings together students who are interested in the field and want to contribute to it. Hydrogen is an extremely environmentally friendly fuel as well as a good way of energy storage, the byproducts of which are pure oxygen in electrolysis and water in combustion. What more could we ask for?

If you are interested in chemistry, energy, international relations, communication, workshops or organizing events and conferences, TiVo can apply your interest and contribute to achieving net zero emission by 2050.

Contact us:

E-mail - info@tivo.ee
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/TalTechTiVo
Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/taltechtivo/

Tivo logo vaike

Regardless of the fact Tartu College is a tiny depatrment, our student union is organizationally big and surrounded by active members. Everyone is a part of organizing events and creating a pleasant atmosphere. The team reacts quickly to problems and always tries to find a solution. If you are interested in joining us and making your time in the university more interesting, get in contact with our leader Anette.

Anette's email address: anette.mozessov@gmail.com
Student Union's email address: ttytarkyn@gmail.com
Office: Puiestee 80A, first floor in the room A101


Hey there, would you like to do something cool in engineering or science?
Lacking knowledge, skills, mentorship, resources, people, ideas?

Then Teadusklubi (Science Club) is the place for you!

Teadusklubi is a platform that brings together young people, student organizations, mentors, advisors, professors, smart individuals, entrepreneurs, and, most importantly, great ideas. We help turn dreams into reality in a safe environment.

Teadusklubi provides a network that allows young people to realize their ideas. Often, good ideas end up collecting dust in a drawer. Even if you tinker with them alone, motivation can soon fade away.

We increase the interest of young people in science and technology and provide opportunities for development to stand out in both the job market and entrepreneurship. We conduct workshops in science and engineering. We motivate you to put more effort into life and embrace challenges!

The goal of Teadusklubi is to inject entrepreneurship and initiative into young people. Through sustainable projects, you gain the first experience of how to bring your visions to life. Through various engineering and science projects, you acquire new knowledge in different fields. Through real and practical projects, you gain the necessary life experience.

Teadusklubi welcomes enthusiasts from different fields. Whether you already have experience or you're just starting and want to get hands on for the first time, we are waiting for you! You are welcome if you are interested in engineering, marketing, economics, sales, project management, event organization, communication, design, art, programming, IT, statistics, surfing, or something else entirely! We believe that by collaborating with people from different fields, we can all go faster and further.

If you want to contribute to exciting engineering and science projects, come join us!

Teadusklubi's first project: Ray Foil

We are developing the world's most compact and lightweight eFoil - an electric surfboard with wings. We apply good ideas, competent engineers, and entrepreneurial young people to change the surfing landscape.

Ray Foil introduction video:

Ray Foil in the media: https://pealinn.ee/2023/05/27/noblessneris-esitleti-taltechi-tudengite-poolt-valmistatud-maailma-koige-kergemat-elektrilist-surfilauda/


Ray Foil:


T-Theatre came together a long-long time, even millions of years ago, when dinosaurs and mosquitoes still ruled the world. Around December 2001, a group of young people gathered at Tallinn University of Technology. There was only one thing that united them: they all had theatre in their heart. Ever since then a group of youngsters have gathered to show the world that art can be done by anyone who is willing to step out of their comfort zone.

Find out more on our Facebook and website, if you are interested write to us info@tteater.ee.

T-teater grupipilt

Kultuuriklubi offers students entertainment and interesting experiences to take mind off of school work. With us, you can take part in organizing the university’s biggest parties. Come and spice up your college life, develop your event management and teamwork skills, make new friends and much more!

Learn more: 
E-mail: kontakt@kultuuriklubi.ee 
Homepage: kultuuriklubi.ee 
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/taltechkultuuriklubi
Instagram: www.instagram.com/taltechkultuuriklubi 

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TTÜ Fotoklubi main goal to connect photography oriented TalTech students and graduates offering them oppurtunities to try many different photography styles. We offer trainings and workshops, trips to interesting places, oppurtunity to use our gear, fun events, participating in our exhibitions and community with joint interest with whom to spend time with. We are always looking for new people to join us.

Find out more: 

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