Tallinn University of Technology

About student union

TalTech Student Union (SU) is an organisation that represents students and student organisations at the university and the Student Body generally outside of the university. SU has the role of a creator and promoter of opportunities at the university. In general, the best and supportive possible learning environment for the students and an operating environment for the students and student organisations is being created. In doing so, the most important values of the organisation are taken into account – democracy and solidarity.

In carrying out its role, the organisation is supported with knowledge and financial resources, negotiations are held with different units of the university, student organisations are supported in finding rooms and other relevant facilities. SU coordinates more general and broader processes that take place in the Student Body. Only those activities are carried out for which the only logical performer is an organisation representing students (education quality working groups, the coordination of the system of group leaders, etc.).

Year after year, the mission and role of the organisation has been increasingly developed and differed from other student organisations. For example, SU is engaged in organising different events to a minimum extent (only certain traditional events).

Be sure to contact us if:

  • you feel that your rights as a student have been abused or your opportunities deliberately limited and you feel that the problem is too vast to solve it on your own;
  • you wish to make recommendations and suggest good ideas on how to improve the support and administrative systems at the university;
  • you wish to promote student life and thereby acquire valuable experience, knowledge, and acquaintances for life.


The mission of Student Union (SU) is to serve as the guardianship authority to all TalTech students and stand for the quality of education, high-quality learning environment, and student life that is full of opportunities.


Vision of Student Union is to be transparent and the strongest organisation of its kind on the higher education scene in Estonia, serving as a strong partner to the university, students, and also the Estonian public in general.


Proficiency – The student representatives are experts in their fields and their activities have been prepared, they are representative and responsible, which makes them reliable partners.
Openness and innovation – The student representatives are open to new ideas and ventures and they are not afraid to take the initiative in launching and introducing new solutions.
Sustainability and perseverance – It is important for Student Union to maintain targeted and consistent activities to achieve the established objectives.

The strategic plan of TalTech Student Union 2021-2025


    The Strategic Plan of the TalTech Student Union (hereinafter SU) has been prepared until 2025. This includes the most important policies to be implemented by the representative body of the Student Body. These policies form the basis for various sectoral strategic plans, policies for supporting the activities, organisational structure and source documents.

    Student representatives to decision-making bodies

    A decision-making body is a body that has the right to take decisions within the limits of its powers. It is possible to discuss various drafts in decision-making bodies or to initiate them yourself. The most important processes that affect the development of the faculty / university are often introduced.

    All university students can become a representative of the student body. To do this, you do not necessarily have to be a member of the student body's representative body, board or faculty's student body. The most important things are the desire to change something, to be involved in the processes and the courage to speak up.

    To apply, it is necessary to submit an application and a motivation letter by the respective deadline. The competition is announced by the Student Union, which has the exclusive competence to elect student representatives. The elections usually take place in June and the competition is announced in the information channels of the Student Union. All students of Tallinn University of Technology have the right to apply.

    The audit committee of TalTech Student Union

    The Audit Committee is an independent control body of the student council, which controls the compliance of the activities of the board with the decisions of the student union, the correctness of the accounting and the purposefulness and legality of the use of assets and funds.

    A member of the audit committee must be a student or graduate of Tallinn University of Technology and may not be a member of the board of the Student Union. In its activities, the Audit Committee proceeds from clauses 12.2 - 12.5.5 of the Rules of Procedure of the student body.