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Orientation Day

Orientation Day is a strictly recommended event for freshmen that they should definitely not miss. An exciting and adventurous event allows students to get to know other new freshmen and see more closely what the university's student organizations are doing. Generally, after participating in the orientation, the student leaves with new friends and a desire to join at least one TalTech student organization, where during his/her time at university (s)he can create unforgettable memories for a lifetime.

PS! TalTech student looks beforehand the weather and dresses comfortably. (S)He either leaves the evening party clothes at home or packs them to be ready.

Orientation Days

Student Body's Birthday

On the first of October, TalTech's student union celebrates its birthday, and as part of the celebrations, Student Union organizes a festive reception every year. TalTech employees, representatives of student organizations and also representatives of students of other universities will be present at the party. The reception will feature traditional live music, TalTech culture collectives and a gorgeous birthday cake.

The reception also includes the distribution of student decorations, which is the largest recognition of the Student Union for former student representatives, who have left an important mark on student life.

Decorations are the highest awards of the Student Union, created to recognize outstanding individuals who have contributed to the benefit of the Student Union and whose activities have had a great positive impact. The decoration is the biggest recognition of the Student Union for an individual. The decorations are awarded in the following categories: Bronze decoration or Mission Medal, Silver Decoration and Golden Decoration.

Golden decoration "FIDELIS STUDIOSUS"

The highest award of the TalTech student body, which is given to an outstanding and exemplary person who has earned exceptional merits in front of the TalTech student body. The award of a gold decoration shall be decided by the Board of Representatives on a unanimous proposal of the Commission.

Silver decoration "FIDELIS STUDIOSUS"

The badge is awarded to a person who has set an example for the TalTech student body by his or her activities or who has earned great merits in his or her field or organization in front of the TalTech student body.

Bronze decoration or Mission badge "FIDELIS STUDIOSUS"

The badge is awarded to a person who has long-term contributed to the activities of TalTech's student body and has set an example for others by its actions.

The decorations have been divided over time as follows:

Large decoration (gold) "Fidelis Studiosus" - issued 10 times.

Decoration (silver) "Fidelis Studiosus" - issued 64 times.

Mission badge (bronze) "Fidelis Studiosus" - issued 53 times.

TalTech Students march to Toompea

February 24 is the anniversary of the Republic of Estonia. Students have always been the ones who have been celebrating their country's independence day. It has become a tradition to go to Toompea to see the hoisting of the Estonian flag at sunrise. It can be -25 degrees outside, but students are always present. TalTech students also have such a tradition, where they all march together to Toompea with flags and singing songs. Later, students will go together to a pub in the Old Town, where the celebration will continue.

Recognising the best first year students of TalTech

Every year, the TalTech Student Union organizes a festive reception to recognize the most successful first-year students. Previously, developments were based on faculties. From the academic year 2017/2018, students will be invited to the ceremony on the basis of curricula. There are generally 2 beneficiaries from each curriculum.

During the reception, the best starters will be given Student caps with an emblem signed by the rector, the gray color of which symbolizes the steel toughness and perseverance of our student body in acquiring knowledge. White is a symbol of peace, progress and high morale, and cherry red expresses joy of life, thirst for action and glow.

The organization of the cap ceremony, the rules for determining the best starters and other criteria are set out in the Statute of the Best Starters, which was approved by the Student Council on 29.01.2013 (amended in January 2018).

Statute for recognising the best first year students

The Best of the Year

The Student Union organizes the Best of the Year competition once a year in the spring. The title has been created with the aim of recognizing the most prominent students and activities of the students in their field during the year. Through public recognition, setting an example and valuing actions, active students and student organizations are motivated to undertake and implement more activities. The title of Best of the Year is awarded for the actions of the previous calendar year.

The Best of the Year titles are awarded in the following categories:

  • Student of the year
  • Student Organisation of the year
  • Student act of the year

You can find more information in the Statute of the Best of the Year.

More information:

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