Tallinn University of Technology

Study Regulations

The goal of instruction at the Centre for Language and Communication of Tallinn University of Technology is to grant learners, students, staff and members of the public sufficient linguistic and communicative proficiency that would enable them to follow developments in their professional field and operate effectively in an international environment. As a well-established international practice of teaching languages requires, instruction at the Centre is provided in language proficiency  groups (CEFR Common European Framework of Reference).

The Centre is pleased to offer learners instruction in a number of different languages as follows:

  • Estonian: A1-B1 English based instruction
  • Estonian B2-C2 Estonian-based instruction
  • English: B1-C2 English-based instruction
  • German: A1-C1 Estonian/English-based instruction
  • Spanish: A1-A2 Estonian/English-based instruction
  • Russian: A1-B2 Estonian/English-based instruction

Instruction is provided according to the Study regulations of Tallinn University of Technology (Academic Policies, Academic Calendar, etc.) 

The courses can be:

  • Compulsory (must be passed to complete the curriculum)
  • Elective (are selected by a student from among the courses in the curriculum)
  • Optional (can be selected freely by students to broaden their horizons or to improve their professional knowledge and skills). As a rule, optional courses are self-paid, except for those marked free in the Rector’s directive for a specific academic year.

The courses are delivered in the form of practical classes.

The workload is as follows:

  • 3.0 ECTS, 32 academic hours, contact classes once a week 
  • 6.0 ECTS, 64 academic hours, contact classes twice a week

The course syllabi are displayed in the Study Information System (ÕIS). The languages of instruction are Estonian and/or English.

The times and classrooms of practical classes are displayed in the academic timetable in the Study Information System (ÕIS) as follows:

  • Compulsory and elective courses (daytime study) timetable
  • Optional courses  (optional courses) timetable

Classes start from the first week of the semester.

Students interested in learning languages at the Centre are kindly asked to attend the first class of the chosen course. Based on the lecturer's recommendations provided to learners in the first class, they can declare the course in ÕIS (Study Information System).

NB! Language groups for optional courses will be opened in case at least 10 students participate in the first class. Student attendance in the first class is of utmost importance since based on the information received (the number of students, level of student language proficiency, etc.) groups will be formed and activated.

For more information, please contact:

Kärt Rummel 
Acting Head of Centre for Language and Communication
Senior Lecturer, PhD
Room SOC-464
Tel  +372 620 2700

Aia Bondarenko
Assistant to Head
Room SOC-463
Tel  +372 620 2701