Tallinn University of Technology

Subject Librarians

Subject Librarians are contact persons between the library and academic units.

Subject Librarian services include: 

  • Liaising with the academic departments 

  • Promoting and marketing the library and information services 

  • Providing information retrieval and reference services 

  • Giving consultations about TalTech Library Search Portal PRIMO

  • Training and user education for students and staff 

  • Preparing tutorials on information retrieval 

 Küllike Märtmaa

Küllike Märtmaa

School of Information Technologies 
- Department of Computer Systems
- Department of Health Technologies
- Department of Software Science
- Thomas Johann Seebeck Department of Electronics
- IT College

LIB-221, phone +372 620 3669

Eveliis Jeedas

Eveliis Jeedas

School of Engineering
- Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture - Department of Electrical Power Engineering and Mechatronics - Department of Energy Technology - Department of Materials and Environmental Technology  - Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering - Kuressaare College - Tartu CollegeVirumaa College - Estonian Centre for Engineering Pedagogy

LIB-221, phone +372 620 3690

Leene Truu

Leene Truu

School of Business and Governance
- Department of Economics and Finance
- Department of Business Administration
- Ragnar Nurkse Depratment of Innovation and Governance
- Department of Law
- Centre for Language and Communication

LIB-221, phone +372 620 3589

Kirke Laanemaa


School of Science
- Department of Geology
- Department of Chemistry and Biotechnology 
- Department of Cybernetics
- Department of Marine Systems

LIB-221, tel 620 3563  

Kairi Viisileht

Kairi Viisileht

Estonian Maritime Academy

Kopli 101, room 168
phone +372 613 5572