Tallinn University of Technology

English for Academic and Business Purposes. The Success Story of e-Estonia (4 ECTS)

Target group

Students of economics- and business-related bachelor’s programmes and others interested in these fields.

Aims of the course

The aim is to arouse the participants’ interest in starting their master’s studies in the international curricula of the School of Business and Governance of Tallinn University of Technology, e.g. International Business Administration, Technology Governance, Public Sector Innovation and e-Governance.

Learning outcomes

After completing the course the participant:

  • has acquired and is able to use some economics and business related vocabulary
  • is aware of the differences between informal and formal/academic style
  • can use mostly appropriate formal/academic style
  • has basic knowledge of business correspondence
  • can implement the acquired knowledge, skills and terminology in the field-specific professional environment
  • can read, listen to and understand economics and business related texts
  • has basic knowledge of Estonian culture, language and economy
  • has a general overview of Estonia’s e-state
  • can name various public sector e-services used in Estonia
  • is aware of and able to consider cultural differences in business communication

Course content

During the course students acquire knowledge and skills of English for Academic and Business Purposes required for university studies. In addition, Estonian economy, language and culture are introduced. The focus is also on the e-state solutions and applications, e.g. the electronic ID card, DigiDoc application and digital signature, e-residency, e-business register and m-parking.

General Chair: Hele Saar, MA in English Language and Literature

Hele has taught various English language courses at TalTech since 1991, including English for Academic Purposes, English for Science and Research, English for Specific Purposes, Business English and Giving Presentations in English. She is the leading lecturer in the English language studies of the Prep-Year programme and Summer School of the English Language and Nordic Cultures. In 2014 she was nominated the title of the Lecturer of the Year of TalTech.

Hele is a member of the Communications Skills Workshop committee.