Tallinn University of Technology

Cyber Security in e-Governance


31 July - 05 August 2022.

Summer School takes place in Tallinn University of Technology

Target group

The program has a focus on business innovation and entrepreneurship, there is no need to have specific technical background to join our Summer School.


The program has a focus on e-Governance and Cyber Security lectures from practitioners working in public and private sector. During the program participants will learn how the ecosystem of e-services was built in Estonia so that there are only two things left that a local citizen cannot do online: getting married and getting divorced. The lecturers will explain how e-Estonia was the target of first nation-wide cyber-attack in 2007, how surviving this has transformed e-Estonia into strong cyber-security nation and what is being done daily to mitigate the attacks before and after they might happen.

From the start-up and e-service creation side, the program will cover the topics of design process, business model validation and will approach lecturers from successful CyberTech companies.

Overview of the programme

We kick the summer school off with a fun and active socializing event. Depending on the weather, outdoor activities will be organized (so pack a comfy and warm sweatsuit). Other fun and socializing events for different preferences will also take place.

During the first part of the week, participants will learn about legal aspects of e-governance and the requirements for electronic identity, authentication, document exchange and interoperability.

In the middle of the week, one day (8 hour long) hands-on cyber exercises will be organized with mentors and experts for improving practical skills and understanding about the cybersecurity domain.

In the second part of the week, experts will explain how the e-Estonian ecosystem works and how critical information infrastructure is protected in the public sector. Finally, participants will be gathered with first hand experience with cyber incidents and offensive security.


The program has practitioners from e-Governance Academy, Information Systems Authority, Cyber Defense Unit, CERT-EE and NATO Cooperative Cyber Defense Center of Excellence (CCDCOE). From the private sector, cyber security experts will be invited to share their practical knowledge in different fields, from information security management to RedTeaming operations. Global players grown from Estonia such as GuardTime, SpectX and BOLT will be approached.

Registration info

Registration is through EIT Digital website HERE.