Tallinn University of Technology

e-Health: Personalised Prevention


 26 June - 07 August 2023.

Target group

The  Summer School is open to young professionals as well as Bachelor or Master students, who want to deep-dive in emerging digital technologies and learn how to turn these technologies into business. This will enable them to become innovation leaders in start-ups or larger companies in the field of eHealth.

Overview of the programme

During the programme, we will explore how to support the transition and build a bridge between the old and new realities in the healthcare field and the interaction between healthcare research, education, and business. Based on real-life use-cases that focus on the prevention of change related challenges, participants will develop products or services for improved health systems in order to make them more efficient, accessible and value-providing.

In 2 weeks, the teams will have developed real-life prototypes for solutions that tackle some of the most burning problems in the field. Participants will have a first-hand experience of how innovation works in the unique market of healthcare. Ideas generated during the summer school may also inspire partner organisations to pursue further development towards products and services.

As the program has a focus on business innovation and entrepreneurship, there is no need to have specific technical background to join our Summer School.


Purpose of the intensive 2-week program is to give students a realistic experience of business modelling and ecosystem with experienced hands-on industry coaches. An investor panel will evaluate the students’ work and give immediate feedback. The goal is to prepare a new generation of innovation leaders in private and public sector.

Summer school is an integral part of the EIT Digital Master School, that will benefit the program by developing students’ skills in teamwork, networking, entrepreneurial thinking and pitching their business ideas.

Registration info

Registration is through EIT Digital website HERE.