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Welcome to TalTech - Estonia's most innovative university

Why to study at TalTech?

Tallinn University of Technology (TalTech) is Estonia’s most innovative university, as confirmed by the Estonian universities’ reputation survey. TalTech is especially known for its innovation in the field of digital technologies and engineering.

The most international university in Estonia

Founded in 1918, TalTech is the only university of technology in Estonia. It is located in Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, and is currently the most international university in the country with around 1700 international degree students coming from over 100 different countries.

Today, 88% of the international students say they are satisfied with their experience at TalTech and 91% of students are satisfied with living in Estonia (International Student Barometer, 2019).

Ranked in top 2,5% of the global universities, top 2% in certain fields

Modern study programmes

We offer 4 Bachelor's and 16 Master's programmes in English and have close academic partnerships with approximately 500 different universities

TalTech’s study programmes and learning environment are constantly developing. Experienced professionals from both private and public sectors are involved and consulted to create curricula that would meet the latest needs of the labour market. Several of the university’s laboratories have recently been renewed and more and more teaching is done via e-channels. Engineering and IT go in hand in hand in TalTech, which is reflected in our modern study programmes that closely combine the two fields. Over the years, TalTech engineers have developed smart and sustainable solutions for many pertinent problems in Estonia. 

Bringing together students, scientists and entrepreneurs

At TalTech, we make real things, such as self-driving cars or the TTÜ100 satellite. We offer an opportunity to study in a modern digital campus where many of the most recent technologies are tested and implemented on a daily basis. One of our recent initiatives — TalTechDigital — links digitalisation with education, making TalTech the most innovative campus in the country.

At TalTech, we value cooperation with enterprises and business. For many companies as well as public authorities, we are often the first contact point for finding solutions to a variety of organizational and product development questions. Our innovation and business centre Mektory brings together researchers, students and entrepreneurs offering young people inspiration, knowledge, and resources to create and develop student start-ups and other innovative business ideas.

TalTech is an academic opinion leader as well as the flagship of Estonian engineering and technology. The courage to change, the will to evolve, and desire to have knowledge-based discussions make TalTech a think tank in academic discussions.
We believe that a high level of research and academic studies, as well as academic freedom, are absolutely crucial. Thus, TalTech has become the first university in Estonia to offer a tenure-based academic career model.

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What students say about TalTech?

Nino from Georgia - an alumna of TalTech

Nino from Georgia
An alumna of the Health Care Technology programme

Studying at TalTech was one of the best choices of my life. I graduated cum laude from Health Care Technology. The programme is based on real examples, the students are shown how IT affects the health care system and they study how to build an e-health environment and implement Telemedicine solutions step-by-step. I was also able to participate and develop different projects, the most successful of which was “LifeInU”, a home-monitoring system for pregnant women. This project of ours was very successful and won the TalTech MEKTORY competition, which gave my group members and the possibility to go to Silicon Valley, United States.

Aarne from Finland - an alumna of TalTech

Aarne from Finland
An alumna of the Law programme

I graduated from Tallinn Law School (TalTech) in spring 2015 after which I continued my studies at Lund University in a two-year Master of Laws (LL.M.) in European Business Law programme. TalTech offers an opportunity to lay down good basis for an international career, but one must also make a great effort to achieve it because things do not come for granted. Tallinn as a city and Tallinn Law School’s student association Õigus ensure that students enjoy their time outside the lectures. I also made lifelong friendships during my studies and I learned Estonian to acquire an intermediate level.