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XR (extended reality) is an umbrella term used for immersive technologies, such as Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and Mixed Reality (MR).


  • The XR centre supports better organisation of learning, teaching and research at the university, thereby generating added value for the students, researchers and the society as a whole.
  • The main goal of the centre is to provide know-how and a modern XR learning environment and laboratory conditions for conducting teaching and interdisciplinary projects, as well as for organizing continuing education courses in TalTech.
  • The services provided by the XR centre include XR courses and workshops. For example, modelling in virtual reality environments, creating virtual spaces, introduction to XR technologies, etc. The centre also provides advice and solutions for enterprises related to use of XR technology that help to promote their business.
  • The services provided by the centre are intended for pupils of general education schools, students, lecturers, researchers and the university as a whole and to all enterprises.
  • The centre has state-of-the-art computer equipment, cutting-edge headsets and possibilities to work with projects in the field of XR. There is also a mobile learning centre for conducting workshops and presentations outside the university.


  • The centre has a large simulation-demo area with 4 headsets, where you can use virtual and augmented reality solutions.
  • It is a unique opportunity, where up to four people can work simultaneously on the same project.
  • The state-of-the-art computers equipped with NVIDIA RTX 2080Ti graphics cards provide adequate performance and the cutting-edge headsets (incl. alve Index, HTC Vive Pro Eye, Varjo VR-2, Oculus Quest, etc.) ensure an enthralling experience.
  • For longer inclusive projects, a modern laboratory with high-performance computers (5X i9-9900, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Super, 32GB RAM) has been opened.
  • The centre will also have portable VR devices (Oculus Quest) and 360-degree cameras, which you can rent.

XR Centre services

Services for companies:

  • Consultations in the XR field – we discuss with you and demonstrate how XR solutions could promote your business; 
  • We help to implement various projects that use XR technologies and provide assistance in finding project partners both in Estonia and abroad;
  • Organizing various events related to the XR field;
  • Various events – both live and virtual – can be organised at the Centre;
  • We offer different courses and workshops in the XR field that best match our clients’ wishes and needs.

Services for students:

  • Introduction to virtual and augmented reality technologies. We provide a brief overview of the technologies in the field and equipment used, so the students can independently use the tools and applications provided by the XR Centre;
  • Independent use of different XR applications (prior reservation required). The centre has a wide range of VR applications available for use. A more detailed list is available on the spot;
  • Use of special XR equipment for projects and research (e.g. 360-degree cameras, eye-tracking, VR devices, mobile VR headsets, etc.);
  • In the laboratory area of the XR Centre, you can carry out projects related to virtual or augmented reality. We bring together companies and students and find the necessary mentors to supervise projects.


  • Enriching studies (3D modeling and design, visualization, BIM, photogrammetry, robotics and various other topics open to new technologies and innovation);
  • We offer state-of-the-art laboratory facilities and help find mentors for student projects related to XR technologies;
  • We are ready to come to lectures to introduce the possibilities of the XR Centre and to help students understand the basics of VR technology, for example in the volume agreed upon in introductory courses;
  • We offer a computer classroom with high-performance computers equipped with powerful graphics cards for use for up to 26 students.

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