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Euroopa Komisjonilt laekus kõigi käimasolevate MSCA projektide koordinaatoritele allolev info.

The following message has been sent by the REA to the project coordinators of all ongoing projects:

The recent outbreak of the Coronavirus in Europe and elsewhere may have implications for the implementation of your MSCA project. This may concern the regular mobility activities of fellows and other project staff as well as the participation of individuals in meetings and events organised by beneficiaries in the framework of MSCA projects.

It is for the participating organisations and individuals to decide on the course of action to take in the light of national travel advice and repatriation schemes. We advise you to follow the travel advice provided by your national authorities and, if needed, to cancel or postpone all non-essential travels.
There may be circumstances in which the current situation prevents the fulfilment of an obligation laid down in the grant agreement. If such cases are reported, the Research Executive Agency will adopt a flexible approach and may apply the rules on force majeure foreseen in the grant agreement, if duly justified. Projects could also be exceptionally extended, if necessary.
Please note that we will assess the circumstances on a case-by-case basis. Please liaise with your Project Officer in case you need support.

Viide grandilepingu vastavale punktile: Art 51, annoteeritud grandilepingus lk 347 https.//ec.europa.eu

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