Tallinn University of Technology

Nomination and Application Deadlines

Nomination deadlines for exchange studies at TalTech:

  • for Autumn Semester May 1
  • for Spring Semester November 1

Application deadlines for exchange students at TalTech:

  • for Autumn Semester May 15
  • for Spring Semester November 15

Application Process and Requirements

1. Nomination by home university

Home University has to send the nomination. TalTech uses an online mobility platform SoleMove.
All our partners have got credentials to nomination. If you have not got them or do you have any questions, please contact to incoming@taltech.ee
Nomination bases on the existing agreement: Please nominate only the the field and number of students, what is agreed in the bilateral agreement.
Following information regarding your student(s) is required in SoleMove:

  • Full name(s)
  • Birth date
  • Gender
  • Current E-mail Address
  • Semester (Autumn/Spring or Academic Year)
  • Study field
  • Study period

2. Application

1. Application login
All nominated students will get login credentials, including the manual by e-mail after nomination.
Please do not send the application before the course offer is published.
Application for Autumn Semester 2024 begins in April 2024.
Application for Spring Semester 2024 begins in the middle of  October 2023.

2. Learning/Training Agreement has to be signed by the student and his/her home university responsible person before attaching it to TalTech application.
TalTech does not offer individual supervision (thesis, internships, projects).

  • Erasmus + Learning Agreement from (hard copy, if you do not have any)

  • Please send OLA (Erasmus+ Online Learning Agreement) is a virtual document, signed digitally. When you prepare it, please use following data concerning TalTech:
    e-mail address kerti.sonmez@taltech.ee, Tallinn University of Technology, Erasmus+ code EE TALLINN04.
    When you send OLA, you do not need to attach it to the application. If you don't have OLA, Learning Agreement is must.
    To get access to your OLA, please contact to your home university Officer.

  • Learning Agreement for non Erasmus students

3. Transcript of Records 
Contains the list of all the passed courses at your university until now. Master level students include their Bachelor studies transcript.
If you choose the courses with the prerequisites, passed already at home university, please highlight these courses in your Academic Transcript.

4. Certificate of English language proficiency (minimum level is B2). All tests must reflect the scores for all four skills (reading, writing, listening, speaking). For example:

  • The minimum overall score of the TOEFL (72 iBT).
  • Requested IELTS score: 5,5 or above
  • TOEIC test score: 785 or above
  • FCE (Cambridge First Certificate in English): A, B
  • Pearson test 51
  • High School Diploma, shown language level B2 at least
  • Home university Certificate, indicating your English B2 level: reading, listening, writing, speaking. The true Certificate has to be issued before the application deadline.
  • DAAD Language Certificate
    We do not accept quick and short online test results

5. Valid copy of the identification document
(non-EU citizen - copy of passport for or valid study residence card or study visa at your host EU country)

6. CV (any form)

7. Motivation Letter and/or Portfolio for some art studies.

Please upload the enclosures while filling in the online application, we are going to proceed applications only with attachments provided!
The applications without attachments will be checked in the end of the application period.

Please note that all non-EU citizens need a visa for studies in Estonia. You can find more detailed information about the Citizenship and residence issues here. 

All the required documents have to be in English.

3. Procedure

We are checking applications from 15.04-15.06 for Autumn Semester and 01.11-15.12 for Spring Semester. If the application is incomplete, we will contact to you by e-mail. Once you are accepted, an online Letter of Acceptance will be issued to you. That has to be confirmed by you finally.

Good to know

Communication is via e-mail. Our working hours are at weekdays from 8:30 to 17:00 (+2 CET) and the same time slot applies to answering e-mails.
For example, when you write to us on Saturday morning, the earliest time to receive the answer from us is on Monday.
When you don't get answer from us, please check your junk mail also!

If you have any questions, please, first take a look the FAQ section.

Working hours during summer (23. June-20. August) are from 8:00 to 16:00, Monday to Thursday, Friday until 14:00.