Tallinn University of Technology

Non-EU students from third countries, who are allowed to enter visa free, can apply for the long term visa in Estonia, have to do it at Estonian Police and Boarder Guard Board (PPA).

  • Please ask the university confirmation from Mobility Centre, Kerti Sönmez.
  • Fill in the electronic visa application form.

    1. Open the page https://eelviisataotlus.vm.ee/ in the web browser

    2. Select a long-stay visa (D visa) to apply for a visa at the PBGB service.

    3. Then select the appropriate language.

    4. Enter the correct email address and the required characters.

    5. Fill in the fields of the visa application according to the instructions. You will receive a numbered application at the end of the process.

    6. Print and sign the completed form. (The completed form will be sent to your email address, so you can print it out later).

    7. Bring the signed form with the necessary documents to the service to start applying for a visa (preferably to book an appointment in advance).

  • Online registration is required before the visit:

https://broneering.politsei.ee/ > Book an Appointment > 8. Long-Stay (D) visa> Choose the Service Office, Tammsaare (for example). There could be long waiting list before you will get the appointment.

  • The nearest to TalTech is, Tammsaare Service Office A. H. Tammsaare tee 47, Tallinn