Tallinn University of Technology

Scope and Topics

“Smart technologies and services” is a very wide-ranging multidisciplinary research, development, and application field of rapid growth and expansion. The conference BEC2020 will provide an opportunity to come together and discuss ones’ recent research work in defined topics of the field at an international forum in Tallinn, Estonia.

Topics of the BEC2020 will include, but will not necessarily be limited to, the following areas: 

Chair/Co-chair: Yannick Le Moullec / Muhammad Mahtab Alam 

Wireless communication and systems (e.g. 5G and beyond), internet of things (e.g. LoRa, NB-IoT), sensor networks (e.g. WSN, BAN), cognitive and software defined networking, RF and optical aspects. Implementation methods, low-power platforms (e.g. transient/approximate computing, energy harvesting), and applications/demonstrations. This track has been established in the context of the Cognitive Electronics (COEL) ERA-Chair Project

Chair/Co-chair: Alar Kuusik / Jari Nurmi  

Heterogeneous components and design integration. Cognitive robotics. Critical infrastructures. Heterogeneous multi-agent systems. Smart sensing, monitoring, modelling and processing of biomedical data and objects. Simulation and synthesis methods and tools. Logic, behavioral and system level design. Embedded systems design, integration and validation. Multi- and many-core systems. Embedded and real-time hardware/software systems. Low power systems. Reconfigurable and adaptive systems.

Chair/Co-chair: Jaan Raik / Samuel Pagliarini 

Defect modeling, test generation, fault simulation, fault diagnosis, built-in self-test, design-for-testability, verification and validation, fault tolerance, quality of service, reliability, survivability, availability, safety. Trustworthy integrated circuit design, circuit obfuscation, hardware implementation of cryptographic cores, security primitives (PUFs, TRNGs, etc.), EDA tools for security, hardware trojans and backdoors, reverse engineering, and countermeasures.

Chair/Co-chair: Dmitri Vinnikov / Ilya Galkin

Wide-band-gap solutions, solar cell and photonics, thermoelectricity. Nano-, micro-, opto-, and thermoelectric, devices: characterisation, modelling and simulation. Analog, digital and mixed IC design. Sensor- and low power solutions. Energy harvesting. Lab-on-Chip. 
Theoretical and practical aspects of implementation of power converters in industry and transportation. Modeling, simulation and control of power electronic systems. Distributed power generation, integrated renewable systems, smart grids, hybrid- and full-electric vehicles.

Chair/Co-chair: Olev Märtens / Paul Annus

Data acquisition, sensors, signal and data processing, NDT, SHM and CM applications, system identification, image processing, multimedia; navigation and positioning, radar, sonar; instrumentation and measurement devices and systems, hardware-, software- and integration aspects.