Tallinn University of Technology

Dean's Office at School of Information Technologies

  • Advising on studies: both students and the School
  • Study Information System ÕIS
  • Official transcripts of study results
  • Confirmation letters on student status
  • Study contracts, invoices and tuition fees
  • Fulfilment and change of curriculum
  • Calculating study load
  • Making a study plan for the semester
  • Academic leave
  • Scholarships
  • Recognition of prior learning
  • Helps with other problems concerning regulations of studies (both students and the members of the School)
  • Helps to find other advisors in case of problems

Student counsellors

Additional information:

As of March 1, 2022, students of the School can contact the Dean's Office through the TalTech Help Centre for IT students (support portal) (for english change the language).
To submit a request, you must log in with UNI-ID.
On the TalTech Help Centre, you can get an overview of the requests you have submitted, their status and related questions/comments.

The following requests can be submitted through the TalTech Help Centre (support portal): request for a certificate, applications (name change, payment of invoices in installments), various questions (RPL, study load/completion of the curriculum, graduation, curriculum change, matriculation from the Open University, other question).