Tallinn University of Technology

Defended Dissertations

17.03.2022 Helle Sadam "Immunodominant Antibody Epitopes Associated with the Development of Multiple Sclerosis and Type 1 Narcolepsy – A Next-Generation Phage-Display Analysis" Supervisor Dr. Kaia Palm
29.03.2022 Merilin Rosenberg "Synthesis of Chiral Urea-based Macrocycles and their Application as Molecular Containers" Supervisors Dr. Angela Ivask and Dr. Kaja Kasemets
07.06.2022 Kamini Atindrakumar Mishra "Synthesis of Chiral Urea-based Macrocycles and their Application as Molecular Containers" Supervisor Prof. Riina Aav
07.06.2022 Kairit Eha "Impact of Short-term Heat Treatment on the Structure and Functional Properties of Carrageenans" Supervisors Prof. Katrin Laos and Dr. Margus Friedenthal
13.06.2022 Estelle Silm "Characterising and Determining the Botanical Origin of Estonian Honeys" Supervisor Prof. Tõnis Kanger
15.06.2022 Evelin Kivima "Characterising and Determining the Botanical Origin of Estonian Honeys" Supervisor Prof. Katrin Laos
04.07.2022 Maria Volokhova "Magnetic Nanomaterials Synthesis and Functionalization for Biomedical Applications" Supervisor Dr. Liis Seinberg
23.08.2022 Julia Gavrilova "Fabrication of Novel Metal, Nitrogen Co-doped Carbon Materials based on a Unique Organic Ligand" Supervisors Prof. Peep Palumaa and Dr. Vello Tõugu
19.10.2022 Mahboob Alam "Fabrication of Novel Metal, Nitrogen Co-doped Carbon Materials based on a Unique Organic Ligand" Supervisors Dr. Pavel Starkov and Dr. Nadežda Kongi
25.11.2022 Anni Kooli "Sustainable Synthesis and Dearomatization of Oxygen-Containing Aromatic Compounds" Supervisors Prof. Margus Lopp and Dr. Maksim Ošeka
19.12.2022 Georg Arju "Development and Implementation of High Throughput Peptidomics for Microbial Studies" Supervisors Prof. Raivo Vilu and Dr. Ildar Nisamedtinov


Jürgen Tuvikene

"Transcriptional and Translational Regulation of Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor"

Supervisor Prof Tõnis Timmusk


Anna Cowart

"An Investigation of Noncovalently Bound Supramolecular Systems Through Case Studies of Oxacalixarenes and Iodo-triazoles"

Supervisors Dr Jasper Adamson and Prof Riina Aav


Merlin Sardis

"Chemical Modification of Met and His Residues of Amyloid β Peptide. Influence of Copper Ions and Effect on Fibrillization"

Supervisors Prof Peep Palumaa and Dr Vello Tõugu


Kefeng Ping

"Rational Design of Carbonaceous MOF-based Materials for Chemo- and Electrocatalytic Applications"

Supervisor Dr Pavel Starkov


Ljudmila Klepinina

"Rearrangement of Energy Metabolism During Differentiation of Cancer Cells"

Supervisor Dr Tuuli Käämbre


Dewi Kurnianingsih Arum Kusumahastuti

"Ecotoxicological Profiling and Antibacterial Potency of a Series of 24 L-Phenylalanine Based SAILs"

Supervisors Dr Anne Kahru, Dr Nicholas Gathergood and Dr Mariliis Sihtmäe


Mariliis Kimm

"Asymmetric Organocatalytic [2,3]-Wittig Rearrangement"

Supervisor Prof Tõnis Kanger


Dmitri Trubitsõn

"Organocatalytic Enantioselective Synthesis of N-alkylated Indoles"

Supervisor Prof Tõnis Kanger


Piia Jõul

"Novel Analytical Procedures for Sample Preparation and Analysis of Environmentally Harmful Compounds"

Supervisor Dr Maria Kuhtinskaja


Madis Jaagura

"The Effect of Diet and Dietary Fiber on the Human Gut Microbiota in vitro and in vivo"

Supervisors Prof Raivo Vilu and Dr Kaarel Adamberg


Kaja Nurm

"Transcription Factors FOXO3 and TCF4 in Huntington’s Disease"

Supervisors Prof Tõnis Timmusk and Dr Mari Sepp


Ilmatar Rooda

"Intercellular Signalling in the Human Pre-ovulatory Follicle: microRNA Expression in Granulosa Cells and Detection in the Follicular Fluid"

Supervisors Dr Agne Velthut-Meikas and Prof Andres Salumets


Kristiina Kaldas

"Wet Air Oxidation of Oil Shale"

Supervisors Prof Margus Lopp and Dr Gert Preegel


Tiina Kontson

"Catalytic Conversion of Recalcitrant Glycopolymers: Investigation of Saccharification and Isomerisation in Ionic Liquids"

Supervisors Dr Merike Vaher and Prof Margus Lopp


Mikk Kaasik

"Synthesis, Characterisation and Catalytic Activity of Enantiopure Triazole-based Halogen Bond Donors"

Supervisor Prof Tõnis Kanger


Piret Saar-Reismaa

"Analysis of Psychoactive Compounds in Oral Fluid by Capillary Electrophoresis"

Supervisors Dr Maria Kulp and Dr Jekaterina Mazina-Šinkar


Jekaterina Krištal

"Application of Differentiated SH-SY5Y Cells for Toxicological Studies of Alzheimer's Amyloid Beta Peptide"

Supervisors Prof Peep Palumaa, Dr Vello Tõugu and Dr Olga Bragina


Marina Teras

"Melanoma Markers and New Treatment Perspectives"

Supervisors Dr Sirje Rüütel Boudinot and Dr Anu Planken


Monika Stoljarova

"Massively Parallel Sequencing of Human Mitochondrial Genome for Forensic Analysis"

Supervisors Dr Anu Aaspõllu and Prof Bruce Budowle


Rohit Bhadoria

"Design of Heterobivalent Molecules and their Applications in Chemical Biology and Materials Science"

Supervisor Dr Pavel Starkov


Gábor Zoltán Elek

"Oxidative Ring-Cleavage Reactions of Cyclopropanols and their Application for the Synthesis of Bioactive Cyclopeptides"

Supervisors Prof Margus Lopp and Dr Dzmitry Kananovich


Sandra Kaabel

"Anion Recognition and the Templated Solid-State Synthesis of Hemicucurbiturils"

Supervisors Prof Riina Aav and Dr Karl Rissanen


Eve-Ly Ojangu

"The Roles of Class XI Myosins in Arabidopsis Development"

Supervisors Prof Erkki Truve and Dr Heiti Paves


Kärt Reitel

"Organocatalytic Asymmetric Michael Addition to Cyclopropyl Derivatives"

Supervisor Prof Tõnis Kanger


Irena Jakobson

"Genetic Analysis of Powdery Mildew Resistance in an Introgression Line of Wheat"

Supervisor Dr Kadri Järve


Anna-Liisa Kubo

"Toxicological Profiling of Copper Oxide and Silver Nanoparticles and Polyoxometalate Ionic Liquids with Medically Relevant Bacteria and Mammalian Cells in vitro"

Supervisors Dr Olesja Bondarenko and Dr Anne Kahru


Elena Prigorchenko

"Cyclohexanohemicucurbit[n]urils, their Synthesis, Formation Mechanism, and Complexation"

Supervisor Prof Riina Aav


Jana Zernant

"ABCA4 Locus as a Model for Complex Genetics in Monogenic Diseases"

Supervisors Dr Rando Allikmets and Dr Andres Veske


Tiina Drell

"The Effect of Maternal Microbial Communities and Preterm Birth on the Development of Infant Gut Microbiota"

Supervisors Dr Epp Sepp and Dr Madis Metsis


Tarvi Teder

"Structural and Catalytic Aspects of the Catalase-Related Fatty Acid Hydroperoxide Lyase"

Supervisors Prof Nigulas Samel and Dr Helike Lõhelaid


Mart Reimund

"New Aspects in Stabilization and Activation Mechanisms of Lipoprotein Lipase"

Supervisor Dr Aivar Lõokene


Andre Koit

"Malignant Transformation Causes Rearrangement of Energy Metabolism in Colorectal and Breast Cancers"

Supervisors Dr Tuuli Käämbre and Dr Vahur Valvere


Karolin Oja 

"Oxidation of Substituted Cyclopentane-1,2-diones"

Supervisors Prof Margus Lopp and Dr Anne Paju


Hanna Vihma

"Regulation of NFAT Transcription Factors by Neuronal Activity"

Supervisors Prof Tõnis Timmusk and Dr Priit Pruunsild


Priit Eek

"Structure and Regulation of Arachidonate 11R-lipoxygenase"

Supervisors Prof Nigulas Samel and Dr Ivar Järving


Katre Juganson

"Ecotoxicological Impacts of Industrially Relevant Engineered Nanomaterials: Effects on Tetrahymena thermophila"

Supervisors Dr Monika Mortimer and Dr Angela Ivask


Aleksandr Klepinin

"Interplay between Creatine Kinase and Adenylate Kinase Networks in Health and Disease"

Supervisors Dr Tuuli Käämbre and Dr Anu Planken


Andra Noormägi

"Effects of Zn2+ Ions and Environmental Conditions on the Fibrillization of Insulin"

Supervisors Prof Peep Palumaa and Dr Vello Tõugu


Heidi Lees

"Development of Analysis Methods to Detect the Use of Explosives and Chemical Warfare Agents"

Supervisors Dr Merike Vaher and Prof Mihkel Kaljurand


Andrus Kaldma

“Metabolic Remodeling of Human Colorectal Cancer: Alterations in Energy Fluxes”

Supervisors Dr Tuuli Käämbre and Dr Natalja Timohhina


Irina Osadchuk

"Structures and Catalytic Properties of Titanium and Iridium Based Complexes"

Supervisors Dr Toomas Tamm and Dr Mårten Ahlquist


Sten Erm

"Use of Mother-Daughter Multi-Bioreactor Systems for Studies of Steady State Microbial Growth Space"

Supervisors Prof Raivo Vilu and Dr Kaarel Adamberg


Marianna Surženko

"Selection of Functional Starter Bacteria for Type I Sourdough Process"

Supervisor Dr Inga Sarand


Sirli Rosenvald

"Application of Gas Chromatography-Olfactometry (GC-O) and Correlation with Sensory Analysis"

Supervisors Prof Toomas Paalme and Dr Kristel Vene


Maria Fomitšenko

"Chromatographic Analysis of Cyclohexano-Substituted Hemicucurbiturils and Characterization of their Intermediates with Mass Spectrometry"

Supervisor Prof Riina Aav


Maksim Ošeka

"Enantioselective H-Bond Catalyzed Spirocyclopropanation and Wittig [2,3]-Rearrangement"

Supervisor Prof Tõnis Kanger

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