Tallinn University of Technology

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    General info

    The institute is the main provider of studies in the Bachelor's programs in Applied Chemistry, Food and Gene Technology and the Master's programs in Applied Chemistry and Biotechnology and Food Technology and Development. From 2022, there will be a separate admission of students to the Bachelor's programs in Food and Biotechnology and Applied Chemistry and Gene Technology. The majority of students majoring in applied chemistry and gene technology and some students of food technology do their dissertations in the research groups of the institute. The institute also offers doctoral studies in all the above areas.

    In addition, the institute teaches a number of special subjects to students from other schools: General Chemistry, Chemistry, Environmental and Ecology, Fundamentals of Science-Based Health Behavior, and Fundamentals of Life. Bioceb also participates in the international Master's program (European Master in Biological and Chemical Engineering for a Sustainable Bioeconomy, www.bioceb.eu), which hosts international students in the spring semester and teaches three subjects.

    Aleksandra Kurvits-Vahter (aleksandra.kurvits-vahter@taltech.ee) deals with questions and problems related to the lesson plan. You can get answers to all other questions related to the study from the program managers or the dean's study advisors.

    Instructional materials

    General instruction materials for bachelor's and master's students and doctoral students can be found here