Tallinn University of Technology

Division of Bedrock Geology and Collections

Headed by Professor Olle Hints

Bedrock geology has been among the key study fields in the Department of Geology since 1950s. At present, the research group of bedrock geology holds competences on regional geology, sedimentary rocks, stratigraphy and paleontology of Estonia and beyond. Such expertise is needed in applied geosciences, but the main work of the group is aiming at better understanding of the interactions between geo- and biosphere processes in deep time. The group holds leading palaeontological competence in Estonia, and for some fossil groups, leading expertise worldwide (notably for conodonts, chitinozoans and scolecodonts). The group's main research directions are:

  • Paleoenvironment and paleoclimate reconstructions using multiple proxy indicators such as carbon and oxygen isotopes, sedimentology etc.
  • Paleobiodiversity dynamics including mass extinction and their links with climate and environmental changes.
  • Paleobiology and evolution of various groups of organisms during the Paleozoic.
  • High-resolution bio- and chemostratigaphy that provides regional spatio-temporal framework and global time correlations.

The group is using the large geological collections at the department that constitute a globally unique archive of deep time Earth environments, climate and biodiversity. The group is responsible for the development and opening up this archive for researchers worldwide as part of national and pan-European research infrastructure.

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