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The Department of Geology is the centre of expertise in geology, mineral resources, and mining at TalTech. Our researchers focus on bedrock geology, paleoenvironments, mineral resources, mining engineering and circular economy. We are responsible for study programmes on Earth systems and georesources, host various labs and the largest geocollections in Estonia.

Research groups

Our researchers are involved in palaeoclimate and environmental research, mineral resources, geochemistry, palaeontology, marine geology, hydrogeology and other geosciences.



The Department of Geology is responsible for bachelor's and master's degree programmes in mineral resources (in Estonian, for now), the aim of which is to train geologists and mining engineers. Doctoral studies in geology and geotechnology are part of the curriculum of physical sciences.

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Our laboratories

The Department's modern laboratories support research and teaching and are able to provide various services also outside the university.

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Weekly Department seminars are free to attend, either on-site or on-line.


Our Projects

The Department participates in a number of local and international research projects.


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Department of Geology researchers at 83rd EAGE Annual Conference & Exhibition in Madrid


A strong community of geoscience & engineering experts, leaders and next-generation talents gathered at the 83rd EAGE Annual Conference & Exhibition in Madrid on 6–9 June. EAGE, as one of the largest subsurface professionals’ association in the world plays an important role in transition of fossil-fuel targeted activities to the renewables and storage-targeted education, research and business.

“Leading Geosciences into a New Era” was the theme for this large world-wide event, where researchers, oil and gas companies, geo-equipment and software providers exchanged their knowledge, presented their advanced and retargeted products and shared their ideas and plans for energy transition era that enable their companies to become carbon-neutral by 2050.

Alla Shogenova and Kazbulat Shogenov, EAGE members, took active part in the conference, where about 4,500 people were registered onsite and altogether 800 presentations were made. One of the most popular topics at the conference was CO2 and H2 storage issues, including Joint EAGE/SPE session “Geological Storage of Hydrogen or CO2” on the 7 June where A. Shogenova made an oral presentation on UHS in Lithuania. On the 8 June in the session “Natural gas Storage & CO2 and Waste Storage”, K. Shogenov talked about UHS future outlook for Estonia and Latvia. The next day, K. Shogenov was chair at the session “CCS and Utilization 2”. The research was supported by Horizon Europe HyStories projects. The participation of our researchers in the EAGE Annual Conference was supported by EAGE-PACE Foundation, HyStories project and ENeRG network.

Alla Shogenova is an EAGE member and has taken part in the annual EAGE conferences many times since 1996. Kazbulat Shogenov is an EAGE member since 2006 and has been reviewing the extended EAGE abstracts since 2007. He has been invited to convene the EAGE technical sessions on a number of occasions.

Two master's theses defended at the Department of Geology

Foto: O. Hints

Two master's theses were defended at the Department of Geology 3 June:

•    Ragnar KaurilOptimization of AllJig-S400 operating parameters for Estonian oil shale (Supervisor: Erik Väli)
•    Tauri PõldemaVolume calculations for mine surveying using LiDAR on UAV (Supervisor:  Sander Kanter)

Congratulations to the fresh graduates and their supervisors!