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3D Scanning Seminar

man giving presentation

At the seminar on March 13th, specialists from the Latvian company A-Geo and the Estonian company Hades Geodeesia presented their modern 3D scanning devices and accompanying software used in their daily work. These tools could also be used for mapping geological objects and mining sites, as the devices can accomplish several hours of human work in minutes and in a safer manner. Seminar participants also had the opportunity to try out the devices themselves on-site.

two men testing equipment

The Japanese Olympiad delegation at the Department of Geology

On February 6th, a 6-member delegation from the Japanese National Olympiad in Earth Sciences visited Tallinn University of Technology. The delegation also visited the Department of Geology, where Professor Alvar Soesoo gave them a presentation on the participation of Estonian school students in the International Earth Science Olympiad and explained how our national Earth Science Olympiad is organised.

Japanese men behind desks
girl and misty bog

Studying environmental and climatic conditions in Poland

From February 8th to 11th, Earth Sciences doctoral student Eliise Kara from the Department of Geology visited Linje Bog in Poland. This protected area is one of three bog sites with dwarf birch growth in Poland. Through the study of bog sediments and subfossil birch leaves, Eliise is reconstructing the environmental and climatic conditions of Linje over the past 10,000 years. In both fieldwork and research, Eliise is supported by three supervisors: Mariusz Lamentowicz (University of Poznań, Poland), Friederike Wagner-Cremer (Utrecht University, the Netherlands), and Leeli Amon (Tallinn University of Technology).

Join the Massive Open Online Course “Circular economy in extractive industry” available for free on the Canvas Instructure platform

What is the purpose of this course?

Waste from extractive operations is one of the largest waste streams in the EU. Most of the generated waste is inert or still contains some valuable raw materials and can be reused instead of being disposed. Modern processing methods can help in the reduction of waste disposal on the surface and close the loop in the extraction process.

In this course you will learn the principles of circular economy approach and practical application of some of the methods of solid, liquid and gaseous waste management from the extractive industry.

The course is taught at two levels:

Beginners – for those who want to learn more on the application of circular economy approach in extractive industry but do not have a background in mining, geology or engineering

Advanced – for specialists such as engineers or managers with background in mineral processing, mining or resource management and extraction
The course consists of six modules:

•    Circular economy - principles and regulations
•    Geo-activities with sustainable waste management
•    Modern processing methods
•    Environmental impact assessment
•    Energy Storage in abandoned coal mines – infrastructure CAES (iCAES)
•    Underground Disposal and Storage of Wastes

The course is taught fully online and you can learn at your own pace. After each there is a quiz which allows you to pass to another module.
To join the course simply fill in the form and we will send you all the necessary information on how to log in on the platform canvas.net!