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Energy conference in Milan

E2dt 1st International Conference on Energy, Environment & Digital Transition in Milan, Italy

On 23-26 October, Dr. Alla Shogenova from TalTech Department of Geology took part in the first E2DT International Conference on Energy, Environment & Digital Transition in Milan, Italy. The conference brought together researchers, engineers, senior executives, policymakers and opinion formers from all over the world to map the transition towards net zero carbon emissions and fully renewable energy to meet the COP26 Glasgow Agreement. A view of available, up-to-date evidence on the positive and negative environmental effects of the energy transformation in a holistic way and on the opportunities for new technologies to drive/accelerate the transition was provided.

Dr. Alla Shogenova was Chairman of the session Capture Systems and Sequestration on 24 October, reviewer of the articles which will be published after the E2DT Conference in one of the SCOPUS-cited journals, and made an oral presentation introducing some of the results of the Horizon 2020 project CLEANKER (North Italian CCS scenario for the cement industry), reaching and engaging important industrial stakeholders that were attending the conference.

Baltic Carbon Forum 2022


On 13-14 October Alla Shogenova and Kazbulat Shogenov from TalTech Department of Geology took part in the Baltic Carbon Forum 2022 (BCF2022), a hybrid event organised by BASRECCS in Kaunas.

BCF2022 was supported by Nordic Council of Ministers through its Nordic Energy Research platform and was organized by Prof. Mayur Pal and his colleagues from Kaunas Technical University.

Representatives from energy producers, industry, oil companies, academia, energy agencies and geological surveys from the Baltic Sea Region and around it took part in the Forum to exchange their knowledge and recent state of the art technologies in the field of CO2 capture, use, transport and geological storage. On 13 October, Kazbulat Shogenov and Alla Shogenova made presentations about Baltic CCUS offshore and onshore scenarios, and in the morning of 14 October Alla Shogenova gave a lecture in the Course “Aspects of CCUS in the BSR” about the role of CCUS clusters and hubs in reaching carbon neutrality.

All presentations of the BCF2022 are now available online: https://bcforum.net/forum.php

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