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Seminars take place in room GEO-122 and can also be followed online.

Date Time Name Title
29.05.2024 15:00 Simo Ilomets (Senior Researcher at the Department of Construction and Architecture) Properties of Construction Materials and Opportunities for Circular Use PARTICIPATE

Recent seminars

Date Time Name Title
27.05.2024 15:00 Andrus Paat, PhD student Geotechnology in Rail Baltica construction
08.05.2024 14:00 Ivan Krivokorin, PhD student New insight into the climatic changes in the southeast of Western Siberia during LGM
07.05.2024 11.00 * Prof. Susanne Buiter (Helmholtz Centre Potsdam - GFZ)
* Dr. Ludwig Stroink
* The German Research Centre for Geosciences – Solutions for a habitable Planet
* Study and Research visits to Germany - DAAD Scholarship Programmes
24.04.2024 14:00 Anna Lanka, PhD student Cladocera based lake environment reconstructions
17.04.2024 14:00 Tõnis Meriste (Development Manager, Enefit) Green Mining (in English)
10.04.2024 14:00 Vladimir Karpin, PhD student Late Pleistocene ice sheet behaviour in the Western Estonian Shelf: the new evidence from the high-resolution sea bottom mapping
03.04.2024 14:00 Juan David Solano Acosta, PhD student Geochemistry, provenance, and tectonic setting of Paleoproterozoic metavolcanic and metasedimentary units of the Alutaguse zone, North Estonia – A Comparative Study with the South Svecofennian zone
20.03.2024 14:00 Vesta Kaljuste (Senior Mining Engineer, Energiasalv Pakri OÜ) Rock mechanics and geotechnics up to -750 metres (in English)
13.03.2024 14:00 Andrejs Veliks (A-Geo Ltd, Läti), Vaiko Veeleid (Hades Geodeesia) 3D scanning is understandable for everyone
06.03.2024 14:00 Kaia Tõnsuaadu (Senior Researcher at the Institute of Materials and Environmental Technology)

Fosforiidi rikastamine ja väärindamine: rõhuga Eesti fosforiidil (in Estonian)

28.02.2024 14:00 Varvara Bakumenko, PhD student Chironomid Climate Continentality Conundrum
21.02.2024 14:00 Eduard Pukkonen (Enefit Senior Geologist)
Geological and Methodological Aspects of the Turkish Oil Shale Deposit Study (in English)
19.01.2024 10.00 Kristin Kahu Ehitusmaavarakarjääri juhtprotsesside digitaliseerimine (magistritöö kaitsmine)


Date Time Name Title
11.12.2023 15:00 Erik Väli, Ragnar Kauril (AS Eesti Energia), Hendrik Klaas (OÜ Inseneribüroo Steiger) Technological Innovations in the Oil Shale Industry
04.12.2023 15:00 Kalev Ruberg Large scale mining technological simulations and optimisation processes
27.11.2023 15:00 Francisco Cunha Soares Veiga Simão Development of construction materials: waste valorisation and entrepreneurship for alternative/secondary raw materials usage
20.11.2023 14:00 Hannes Praks Maast linnaks (from ground to city). A research-based design studio kuidas.works on reuse of tailings of construction waste
06.11.2023 15:00 Rein Vaikmäe 50 Years of Development in the Field of Isotope Geochemistry Worldwide and at the Department of Geology: A Personal Perspective
23.10.2023 15:00 Daria Wochal (Adam Mickiewicz University, Poland), PhD student Peatlands in the Anthropocene - a paleoecological study of critical ecosystem changes in the last millennium
Mariusz Bąk (Adam Mickiewicz University, Poland), PhD student Integrating palaeoecological and dendrochronological data to explore the impact of climate and land-use changes on Sphagnum peatlands in the pine monoculture areas
Dominika Łuców, Postdoctoral Researcher Long-term ecology of a post-extraction restored bog in Northern Estonia
09.10.2023 15:00 Siim Roov

Phosphate processing and experiences from Oulu

02.10.2023 15:00 Irena Pidek (Institute of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Maria Curie-Sklodowska University, Poland) Record of climate oscillations in the Last Interglacial  (MIS 5e) by palynological methods against the background of older interglacials in Poland
31.05.2023 11:00 Nthati Monei Phytomining of Rare Earth Elements: Dynamics of rhizosphere processes and element interactions in the soil
24.05.2023 14:00 Mawo Ndiaye Understanding Vanadium Enrichment in Black Shale: Different Methods of Analysis
10.05.2023 14:00 Kristiina Kaldas (Department of Chemistry and Biotechnology) On oil-shale chemistry and research directions of the Industrial Chemistry Laboratory



Olle Hints, Peep Männik

On a new research project PRG1701 and oxygen isotopes from conodonts

26.04.2023 14:00 Eliise Kara Doctoral seminar: 10 000 years in 10 metres: a paleobotanical study of a peat bog in Central Europe - Methodology and preliminary results
19.04.2023 14:00 Alar Konist (Department of Energy Technology) Põlevkivi väärindamine ringmajanduse kontekstis (The seminar will be in Estonian)
12.04.2023 14:00 Janelle Kirss (Head Bibliographer of Data Management) and
Piret Remmelgas (Publishing Specialist)
Where to publish your results and data? On journal classifications and rankings, research evaluation and data management (training particularly for early-stage researchers)
22.03.2023 14:00 Sophie Graul Geological and mineralogical insights on Estonian shelly phosphorites


14:00 Lauri Joosu (Eesti Geoloogiateenistus) Kas fosforiidist saab Eestis maavara? Riiklike uuringute hetkeseis ja perspektiivid
01.03.2023 14:00 Keskkonnaministeerium

Infotund - kaasamine maapõueseaduse väljatöötamiskavatsuse koostamiseks



Peeter Talviste Tamme maalihe Pärnumaal veebruaris 2022 ja maalihkeohtlikkuse hindamine Eestis
15.02.2023 14:00 Veiko Karu, Tony Hand Horizon Europe Project AGEMERA


Date Time Name Title
02.11.2022 10:00 Asko Ristolainen (Centre for Biorobotics) Small-scale mining robots - the future of mining technologies?
05.10.2022 10:00 Ivan Krivokorin PhD seminar: Extracting oxygen isotopes from mammoth fossil remains: methodology and preliminary results
14.09.2022 10:00 Ilya V. Buynevich Examples of Holocene geological signatures of extreme events and animal-landscape interaction
14:00 Tony Hand A life in mining, past, present and future
25.05.2022 14:00 Olle Hints e-Maapõu: geological data and e-services in Estonia
18.05.2022 14:00 Andres Trikkel, Kaia Tõnsuaadu
(Materjali- ja keskkonnatehnoloogia instituut, anorgaaniliste materjalide teaduslabor
Technologies for phosphate rock
11.05.2022 14:00 Vesta Kaljuste Application of novel mining systems for extracting near-surface REE-bearing phosphorite in Estonia (PhD seminar)
04.05.2022 14:00 Students and lecturers Overview of the study trip to Central Finland last week. In-person meeting.
27.04.2022 14:00 Signe Jantson ja Janelle Kirss Data management, DMPs and research data repository at TalTech (in English)
20.04.2022 14:00 Anna Lanka Building of subfossil Cladocera training set for past environmental reconstructions
13.04.2022 14:00 Mawo Ndiaye Resources for circular economy: understanding vanadium enrichment and carriers in metalliferous black shales (PhD seminar)
06.04.2022 14:00-17:00 Seminar dedicated to history 75 years from the establishment of the Institute of Geology of the Academy of Sciences (NB! The seminar will be in Estonian)
30.03.2022 14:00 Sophie Graul Classification and quantification of Estonian phosphorites and their REE potential – First results (PhD seminar)
23.03.2022 14:00 NPM Silmet OÜ Andrei Litvinjuk (Operations Manager) „Rare Metals and Rare Earth Elements. History and place in Modern World”
Julia Ignatova (Sales Manager, RM) “Responsible Minerals Initiative. From mines to production”
16.03.2022 14:00 Aivo Lepland & Sten Suuroja Formation controls of manganese carbonates, sulfides and oxyhydroxides at the seafloor and in sediments of the Baltic Sea
09.03.2022 14:00 Sander Kanter Risk assessment of Piusa caves (NB! The seminar will be in Estonian)
02.03.2022 14:00 Juan David Solano Acosta  New insights into tectonic styles across Estonia using satellite geophysical potential fields derived from WGM-2012 gravity data and EMAG2 magnetic data  (PhD seminar)
16.02.2022 14:00 Vladimir Karpin Submarine glacial landscapes of the Western Estonian Shelf and implications for ice-flow reconstruction (PhD seminar)
09.02.2022 14:00 Peeter Talviste Tee geotehniline projekteerimine: põhimõtted ja praktika Euroopa standardite valguses (NB! The seminar will be in Estonian)
02.02.2022 14:00 Marika Lunden, Siim Läänelaid, Riina Vilgats Services provided by the Research Administration Office (help with writing applications, funding possibilities, introducing Handbook on Project Management)
26.01.2022 14:00 Jari Joutsenvaara Cosmic-rays, muons and their application in water, rock, air, and space 
19.01.2022 14:00 Varvara Bakumenko How Chironomidae larvae help us to understand Postglacial climate (PhD seminar)
12.01.2022 14:00 NGI - Norwegian Geotechnical Institute CCS projects in Norway


Date Time Name Title
15.12.2021 14:00 Alvar Soesoo Prospects of geothermal energy in Estonia & best practices around Estonia
01.12.2021 14:00 Joonas Pärn Geochemical evolution and travel times of agricultural nutrient pollution in groundwater at the northern slope of the Pandivere Upland and its influence on the status of groundwater dependent surface water bodies
17.11.2021 14:00 Alla Shogenova & Kazbulat Shogenov Carbon Capture Use and Storage Scenarios for the Baltic States (results of the Horizon 2020 CLEANKER project)
09.11.2021 10:00 Nathan Stansell (Northern Illinois University) Isotope studies in Estonian lake sediments
03.11.2021 14:00 Nthati Monei Exploring the effects on Mixed Cultures and Fertilizer Application for effective accumulation of trace elements (PhD seminar)
20.10.2021 14:00 Jari Joutsenvaara (University of Oulu) Underground research - the condition, possibilities, challenges, opportunities for research projects
06.10.2021 14:00 Anneli Poska WEBINAR Quantifying land use and climate on vegetation in Europe
23.09.2021 15:30 Simon Dischl (Heidelberg University) Dating of young groundwater based on atmospheric input variation