Tallinn University of Technology

Division of Mining and Mineral Technology

Headed by PhD Erik Väli

Division of Mining and Mineral Technology is a leading organisation for technical education and research in the field of mineral resources in Estonia.

The Division’s activities cover all the important areas of sustainable enrichment of Estonia’s mineral resources for the benefit of society. The main competencies of the of the Division include:

  • Educating and training mining engineers;
  • Providing research and development projects for public authorities and enterprises;
  • Conducting measurements, tests and evaluations in the Laboratory of Mining Conditions.
  • Waste or rock/mineral by-products are produced by mining activities and have both beneficial and deleterious properties

The Division’s activities focus on assessing the economic, environmental and social impact of mine waste production and management and seeks to develop strategies and new commercial products from these materials

Activities include:

  • Mineral Carbonation for CO2 management
  • Waste pile remediation and post mining-land use
  • Enhanced CO2 uptake carbonate materials in the cement industry
  • Recycling and Up-valuing in Urban Mining