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Särghaua Earth Science Centre

The Särghaua Earth Science Centre promotes and delivers highly effective outdoor and environmental education programmes and activities for schools and the community; it also provides professional development for teachers. The aim is to introduce the diversity of non-living nature covering a variety of geosciences with the main focus on geology but also geography, hydrology, energy and climate.

The modernised infrastructure and accommodation, teaching and research facilities enable to carry out teaching and training activities in the field of Earth Sciences, as well as research of scientific collections by both Estonian and foreign researchers.

There are three repositories of the NATARC rock collections of the Estonian research infrastructure, where almost 5,000 boxes of drill cores are stored.

Särghaua asukoht

We invite you to:

  • attend the educational programmes and workshops (see Educational programmes);

  • visit the exhibition “Boreholes and Drill Cores” and take a guided tour to explore the geology and mineral resources of Estonia;

  • organise various study and summer camps, trainings and seminars

Pre-registration is required for educational activities, accommodation and rental of premises.


Rooms and accommodation

  • Hostel-type accommodation, double to five-bed rooms, a total of 45 beds (30 beds in winter). Shared bathrooms (separate and lockable units) are located in the corridor and lobby.
  • Catering (by self-ordering) and/or use of a dining house (dining hall + kitchen with basic equipment).
  • Camping (with personal supplies), campfire site, barbecue area, boat dock and swimming area in the river.
  • Outdoor terrace – benches and tables under roof, equipped with electricity and water.
  • Seminar rooms – big hall (100 m2); two smaller seminar rooms (60 and 40 m2).
  • Presentation facilities – LCD projectors, displays, AppleTV, magnetic and paper boards
  • Internet (Cable+WiFi).

Service Unit Price, € Comments
Use of Conference Hall (100 m2, up to 60 people) hour 60 day 240 €
Use of Seminar Room (60 or 40 m2, up to 25 people) hour 30 day 120 €
Use of Dining Hall (up to 30 people) hour 30 day 120 €
Accommodation (per person) 24hrs 30 discount for students
Camping (per person) night 10
Rent for the entire Centre (including accommodation for 50 people, camping area, outdoor classroom/barbecue, campfire site, dining hall, sauna) 24 hrs 2500
Educational programme, workshop, excursion hour 90 discount for students

Educational programmes

The Särghaua Earth Science Centre offers educational programmes that support the respective curricula (natural history, geography, biology) of Estonian general education schools.

The Centre offers the following educational programs:

  • Rocks and Minerals
  • Fossils and the Evolution of Life on Earth
  • Geology and Mineral Resources of Estonia
  • Mineral Resources and Sustainable Mining
  • Physical properties and formation of Soil

The Centre is equipped with modern laboratory and research tools – stereo-microscopes, Vernier’s environmental sensors with Data-Collection and analyses software, Digital Weather Station, telescope (Meade LX90).

The study is supported by various geological collections – minerals, rocks, fossils, sediments, mineral resources that the participants can identify and explore on site.

In the rock-lab there is a unique opportunity to engage in cutting, grinding and polishing of rocks, and to make preparations of fossils from rocks.



The exhibition “Boreholes and Drill Cores” introduces drilling technologies for the exploration and use of the Earth's crust, drill cores stored in Särghaua repositories and the geology and mineral resources of Estonia.

Educational film and information box (only in Estonian).




Särghaua, Kurgja village 87612, North Pärnu Parish, Pärnu County. 

Phone: 5884 6443

E-mail: sarghaua@taltech.ee