Tallinn University of Technology


ILSA TalTech is a newly established Chapter of the global International Law Students Association (ILSA) a non-profit association of students and lawyers who are dedicated to the promotion of international law. 

ILSA TalTech Chapter operates under the Department of Law of Tallinn University of Technology, aims to provide TalTech students with opportunities to immerse themselves in the legal field through creating and informing them about the events of academic relevance such as various moot courts, simulations, publications and conferences. 

ILSA TalTech Chapter, as a part of ILSA closely cooperates with other Chapters around the world to assist Law students to be internationally-minded and professionally skilled.  

Our Chapter intends to help students to organize their years of studies of Law in TalTech as productively and efficiently as possible, facilitating socialization and networking among future legal professionals as well as promoting participation in events, which may become the first vital steps in their legal career.  

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Although ILSA TalTech Chapter is closely connected to the field of law, we still warmly welcome every Tallinn University of Technology student to become a member and participate in our events.

So can be done through visiting one of our events and expressing the will to become a member or through notifying ILSA TalTech via any of our social media or official email: ilsataltech@gmail.com.

The membership of our Chapter is free of charge, we welcome current Bachelor`s and Master`s students and also those who have already graduated TalTech but still want to participate in the social life of our university.

All the members of ILSA TalTech are encouraged to participate in the events and take the initiative through proposals of various kinds of academic activities.

ILSA TalTech is in a state of a continuous search for enterprising people who want to make efforts for both its development and the development of Tallinn University of Technology in general. 

Student activities

The purpose of the ILSA TalTech Chapter is to introduce law students of Tallinn University of Technology to the variety of events and opportunities in the fields of private and public international law on the local and, with the help of ILSA, global scale. The Chapter gives an opportunity to the students of the Department of Law to participate in the moot courts created by the university and also in the ILSA organized Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition. ILSA TalTech provides support to the local students on the matter of studies and academic publishing (specifically publishing in ILSA Quarterly). Besides, the gaming events of negotiation simulation, solving the crime scene and many others are held by the Chapter in order to increase the level of socializing between international students and invite students to participate in the law related events of ILSA.