Tallinn University of Technology



Council of TalTech Law School

A department council:

  1. discusses the department’s strategic development issues;
  2. discusses the department’s membership and budget issues;
  3. hears at least once a year the head’s report on and provides an assessment of the implementation of the school’s action plan and execution of the budget;
  4. makes proposals to the head of the department, the dean and the Rector’s Office concerning the school and the department;
  5. elects persons to research scientist positions;
  6. discusses other issues raised by the head of the department or the department council;
  7. performs other functions arising from legislation.

Council members:

  • Tanel Kerikmäe, head of the council, director of the department of law, professor
  • Thomas Hoffmann, tenured associate professor
  • Katrin Nyman-Metcalf, adjunct professor
  • Kristi Joamets, senior lecturer
  • Agnes Kasper, senior lecturer
  • Archil Chochia, senior research scientist
  • Kaido Künnapas, senior lecturer
  • Holger Mölder, associate professor
  • Peeter Müürsepp, associate professor
  • Vlad Vernygora, lecturer
  • Pawan Dutt, lecturer, staff representative
  • Sandra Särav, lecturer
  • Aleksi Oskar Johannes Kajander, early stage researcher
  • Javad Keypour, early stage researcher
  • Kaja Kattel, assistant to the director, staff representative