Tallinn University of Technology

Moot Court

Moot Court is a subject in the curriculum, so students can get credit points for participating at a moot court competition. In general, students are themselves responsible for setting up a team and choosing which moot courts to participate in. TLS students have previously participated at the following moot court competitions (visit the websites for participation rules):

Participating at moot court competitions entails usually much more work and dedication than passing a regular course. However, the rewards are also far greater as you will get unique experiences and skills. 

Participation at moot court competitions requires a participation fee as well as coverage of travel expenses. Tallinn Law School may support the participation by covering participation fees, but usually no travel expenses. You will need to find additional financial support.

You will be able to get credit points for participation at the moot court even if your team does not qualify pass the written stage (our teams in the past have all qualified). You do not register for the course as a normal course, but it will be transferred after you have completed the competition.