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MTÜ Õigus Juuratudengid, more familiarly known as Õigus, is the student association of Tallinn Law School. It was found in the fall 2013 to act as a trustee for its members in the faculty of law and to offer study, social and cultural services for its members.

Õigus operates under Tallinn University of Technology collaborating with student unions and other student organizations, as well as with the business partners. Outside Estonia, the cooperation is carried out with other law associations from various countries. Õigus is also actively looking for new cooperation opportunities.

Õigus wants to actively help students of Tallinn Law School in study matters as well as other everyday challenges. If you have a problem, feel free to turn to us and we will do our best to support and guide you in the difficulties of rough student life. Together we can make our student years unforgettable!

Board Directors 2024:

Chairperson: Aino-Kaisa Voutilainen

Treasurer, Vice Chairperson: Olli Hukkanen

Event Directors: Shivpriya Pawar and Geidi Võsaste

Directors of Business Relations: Yağmur Atılgan and Sophia Suarez

Director of Foreign Affairs: Miia-Liisa Musting

Director of Study Matters: Kristiina Lell

General Directors: Eveliina Matilainen and Natalia Kallio

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MTÜ Oigus logo


Õigus welcomes every Tallinn Law School’s student as its member. In addition, those who have already completed a degree from Tallinn Law School have the possibility to join as senior members.

As a member, you are encouraged to take part in Õigus and Tallinn Law School in general. Members with fascinating ideas and proposals are supported and aided in putting forward these ideas, since this kind of extracurricular work is one essential element for the evolution of our university. As a member you can participate in making Tallinn University of Technology more and more active in the field of student life.

Being a member of Õigus gives you a vast scale of member benefits, such as lower participation fees in our events, and establishes the right to take part in the decision-making at the organization's meetings.

The cost of membership is 20€ for 5 years. One can apply for a membership here.

We are constantly looking for active members who could help us with organizing events and much more.


Student overalls have become one of the most conspicuous academic traditions at some educational institutions, despite its short history. The use of overalls started in the Royal Institute of Technology in the late 1970s, which soon led to their use at parties as a way to identify students of different fields and organizations. These overalls are not only seen in Europe, they are also in use for example in universities at Hamilton, Toronto, Waterloo and Ontario.

The student overalls are used in many student events in Tallinn as well as in those organized outside Estonian borders. The color for the students of Tallinn Law School is dark red. They are worn with dignity, pride and honor, as you represent the faculty as a whole. The overalls are decorated with various badges, earned by participating in various social events like parties and contests held by the organizations. The overalls reflect your activity in social student life. There are also few rules on how to use the overalls: You should start with putting your first name or your initials on the left side of your chest. The technique is free; you may sew, write or in any other creative way scrawl it there as long as it sticks. You may also attach your title on the right side of your chest if you are an executive member of some association. Õigus has its own badge, which you get when you are a registered member. You can also buy different Õigus badges from the shop on the campus. Another fun way to acquire them is to trade them with other students you meet. This way it might come in handy to carry a few extra badges in your pocket. Another tradition is to trade parts, like sleeves, or a piece of trouser legs of the overall with other students. This used to be a symbol of having practiced some form of exercise with one another, but nowadays overall parts are exchanged for lesser achievements. For this purpose carrying scissors may come in handy, just try to avoid hurting yourself. A needle and some thread is also recommended, at least in the winter time, if you don’t want to walk back home in -25C without one sleeve or pants’ leg.

Things like a bottle opener, a pocket flask and all kind of frills can also be hung onto the overalls and usually turn out to be useful. In the morning you might also be thankful for a toothbrush when you wake up at someplace that isn’t your home. Your overalls should never be washed! The only accepted way to wash it, is to pour some liquid soap on it and then jump into the sea, lake, pool or any other fluid-filled area. But note that this is only in cases of an emergency.

Overalls are ordered in the beginning of every semester and handed to the new freshmen after they have proven their worth and uttered an oath to use them with the highest respect.

Õigus Badges

If you want to get a little head start in overalls decoration, you have the opportunity to aqquire badges from the school and selected events.


Student activities

The student life gives you many opportunities for personal development and enables you to gain valuable knowledge and experiences outside the lecture theatre.The association organizes various events; annual activities influenced by the traditions and history as well as a wide range of different educational, cultural and social events. Whether it's partying, sports, hobbies, or learning new skills, we want to hear your wishes and carry them out.

In addition to building life lasting friendships, student organizations provide many benefits including serving as a medium for academic discourse, personal growth, leadership development, intercultural understanding and community service. Moreover, research suggests that involved students tend to perform better academically and are more likely to graduate when compared with their non-involved peers.

The Sitsi Party has a few very obvious characteristics, which may be performed slightly differently depending on the organizers’ faculty orprogram, but the overall idea is the same.

The dress code is different depending on the occasion, everything from white tie to student overalls. Sitsi’s often have different themes, and the guests are encouraged to dress to match the theme. When you’ve arrived to the event venue, find your seat from the table. Introduce yourself to your dinner partners, shake their hand, and of course the gentlemen help their dinner partner to their seat. During the evening one should try to keep up a well-mannered conversation (or alternatively meaningless bullshit), but when the toastmaster gives a sign, it means it is time for a song and everybody should quiet down and get ready for singing! Sitsi’s are perfect for meeting new people and old mates, so you better not to miss this party!

Since there are many areas to specialize in in the field of law, it is important to introduce these different areas for students. Many law students have no idea what sort of work different kind of lawyers do in practice. Õigus wants to organise company visits for its members so they can, already at an early stage, figure out in which area of law they wish to specialize.

The basic idea behind company visits is to present the company and its career possibilities to students. In practice this means a relatively relaxed presentation about the company in general, and then, a more precise description of what the lawyers do there. We would be interested in hearing what it is like to practice law in that specific field, about their usual tasks and career stories.

The Annual ball is definitely the biggest and the most beautiful and magnificent event of the association and it is usually held in April as a part of the Õigus week. Annual ball is organized by the Ball Committee.

All the Tallinn Law School’s students are invited to the gala in addition to a lot of professors, teachers and other university and the department's staff as well as our partners and the representatives of our friend associations.
The Annual ball is an academic evening event which includes all the fun accompanied by many traditions and a bit of etiquette, which is good to be familiar with in advance. However, you should also keep in mind that this is also the birthday celebration of our beloved association, which should be celebrated with a big heart and happy minds.

The week of the annual ball also contains other program, such as a dance rehearsal and an academic herring breakfast.

The dress code is formal, with the academic honorary decorations. Thus men wear a full dress, with white tie, vest, shirt or minimum a dark suit and tie, where women wear long evening gowns. Academic honor decoration means, for example, student organization ribbons and crests.

The ball begins with the flag convoy, while the guests are standing behind their chairs. Estonian flag and the flag of the MTU Õigus are carried to the room in full silence. After that the main event will start with a welcome toast, followed by a gesture from men to offer a chair for the female on the right side, and then sit down themselves. A fabulous three-course dinner is enjoyed during the celebration.

During the evening, the program includes a rich variety of performances and speeches. Time for free speech is usually after the end of the formal program.
Dining is followed by dances to the rhythm of the band. Around the midnight guest are transiting to the after party.

Usually, an academic herring breakfast is organized on the morning after the party, serving relief food for those recovering from the previous night, and drinks for those still engaged in the celebration.

Atmosphere boosted by music and therapeutic company guarantees the start for the recovery process, even for those suffering from the lack of oxygen.
A relaxed atmosphere with games, salty food, and memories from the amazing evening provide you with a great set up to continue the last night’s conversations.
The herring breakfast is therefore an integral part of the party combo - however, you can forget about the last night's formalities.
There is also often a theme for the brunch, so you can go wild with the outfit of your choice to counterweight the stringent dress code requirements of the ball.
Overalls have also been proved to be an excellent alternative to dress in.

However, the most important of all is to keep the spirit up, even if the physical condition and gravity would try to resist.

We arrange several webinars with a range of topics that help students with their career path. Information about the webinars can be found in our social media accounts, Instagram and Facebook.

Academic ribbon


Õigus has its own special academic ribbon which can be recognized from its silver-red coloring. Members of the association are entitled to wear the ribbon in academic events, such as annual balls, graduation ceremonies and other celebrations where honor badges and ribbons are permitted.
The ribbon is positioned so that the lightest color, silver in this case, is the higher color on the ribbon. Men wear the ribbon underneath dress coat and vest crossing from the right shoulder to the left hip. Women’s ribbon goes from the left shoulder to the right hip. It is not approvable that the ribbon touches bare skin. So if woman’s dress is open from the top the ribbon is supposed to be folded into a rosette and placed on the left side of the chest.

Company co-operation

MTÜ Õigus is constantly looking for sponsors for our recurring events and firms to co-operate with, e.g. for hosting Tallinn Law School’s trips with an aim to familiarize law students with lawyers’ everyday life or for co-organizing our events of different themes.

We offer our sponsors great visibility in our events. We can, for example, place the brand name in a visible place in the event or the brand name can be in the name of the event. Students are able to create an image of good times in relation to your name, as they say study times are the best, right?

If you are interested in co-operation or have any questions, please contact our Director of Business Relations:
Iida Etuaho
e-mail: mtuoigus@gmail.com 

We are currently co-operating with:

Bird and Bird
Red Bull
Nammo Lapua