Tallinn University of Technology

Training And Expert Assessments


In the field of law, TalTech department of Law is in cooperation with both the private and public sectors. We have carried out research and development projects with engineers, IT specialists, medical experts, economists, political scientists, but also worked with chemists who needed to conduct a legal risk assessment.

We provide expert assessments and analyses to the Estonian Government and international organizations (European Commission, UNESCO, WHO) and co-operate with the most capable think tanks and consulting firms in Europe, e.g. GIZ, CAPS, but also Deloitte and leading law offices such as Tehver & Co, Njord etc.

We have specialised in the following areas of law:

  1. A theoretical and practical approach to international law;
  2. Interpretation of European Union law and analysis of legal practice;
  3. Development and implementation of technology law, including the legal approach to cyber security;
  4. Legal regulation, challenges and possible strategies of artificial intelligence;
  5. The digital markets and their regulation.
SBG majandus

Cooperation projects and implementation analysis examples:

  • Data Protection Officer (DPO) course for data protection specialists and officials responsible and authorized to process personal data, etc.;
  • Training for legislative lawyers: "Information Technology Law (IT Law) in the view of the data protection law”;
  • Applied research and analysis projects in the field of artificial intelligence;
  • “Identifying legislative issues and proposing solutions to regulate the use of AI technologies ";
  • RITA1 applied research: "Machine Learning and AI Supported Services";
  • Legal analysis of platform economy for Bolt;
  • Legal strategy of artificial intelligence of the Republic of Estonia.