Tallinn University of Technology

Research vessel Salme


Owner – Tallinn University of Technology
Renovated by SRC Ltd (Estonia) in 2008-2009

Technical details

  • GRT – 223 t
  • Length – 31 m
  • Draught – 2.5 m
  • Working area – the entire Baltic Sea
  • Crew – 6 members
  • Scientists – up to 12

Two laboratories (wet laboratory and biological/chemical laboratory) + mess/seminar room

Technical equipment: crane max load 3 tcable winch, winches, A-frame

Scientific equipment: rosette sampler, CTD probes, optical probes, equipment for sample handling and analyses, profiler and ADCP-s to be deployed at buoy stations etc.

Multipurpose research vessel which carries out a wide variety of survey operations in the Baltic Sea region, including oceanographic surveys, buoy handling and mooring operations, environmental sampling, and geological surveying. The vessel has modern facilities for work (two laboratories and seminar room) and accommodation (including air conditioning, sauna etc). The laboratory is equipped with fume hood, destillator (reverse osmosis), deep freezers etc. Internet access is available in the areas of GSM coverage.