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5G Open Core Network (5G-OCN) project

Project description 
Open source software and hardware are important tools for teaching and research because they allow studying, understanding, and experimenting beyond what is typically possible with commercial closed source tools.

When it comes to 5G, the fifth generation of mobile wireless technology, Thomas Johann Seebeck Department of Electronics has not only deployed a commercial-grade 5G Academic Network, but also made provision of a range of open-source software and software, including but not limited to: USRP software-defined radio devices, Open Air Interface software stack, open radio access network (O-RAN), etc.

To complement the above, the 5G Open Core Network (5G-OCN) project is establishing a teaching-oriented open 5G core network testbed, building upon Fraunhofer FOKUS Open5GCore toolkit (https://www.open5gcore.org/).
Currently, this toolkit prototypes 3GPP Releases 15 and 16 core network functionalities. Open5GCore is interoperable with 5G NR base stations and user equipment, including those deployed as part of TalTech 5G SA Academic Network. 

The Open5GCore architecture is designed for the 5G ecosystem which is based on standard 3GPP components and protocols (SBA, NAS, NG-AP, GTP etc.), easy to customize and modify to fit deployment and use case requirements, and easy to extend with innovative features (following the new 5G standards: 3GPP Rel. 15 and Rel. 16) e.g. multi-slice support. 
This gives the possibility for students and researchers to stay abreast with the latest and upcoming developments in 5G and beyond 5G.

Project status and collaboration opportunities
- Summer 2023: procurement, licensing, installation: completed.
- Autumn 2023: Deployment and testing: completed
- Winter/Spring 2024: the first students projects under the 5G-OCN projects have been completed:
•    Keijo Raamat, Eero Rahamägi, Tõnis Kärginen, Airi Rosimannus, “Software Defined Radio interface with Open5GCore”, semester project, 2024.
•    Taivo Miller, “Open Source Open5GCore (O5GC) Platform-based Training Ground”, MSc thesis, 2024

Feel free to contact us for more information about possible future workshops and collaboration opportunities for students, teachers, researchers, Mobile Network Operators, and the public sector.

5G-OCN has received funding from TalTech Educational Development Fund / Õppearendusfond (project number SÕF23031) and from Thomas Johann Seebeck Department of Electronics.

Yannick Le Moullec
Margus Rohtla 

5G testbed at TalTech

Some elements of the 5G testbed at TalTech, comprising of both open source (software and hardware, e.g. USRP software defined radios) devices and commercial devices. The screenshots show different steps of configuration and connection procedures with Open5GCore. 
Open5GCore can run on desktop PCs but also on single-board computers such as RPI4 for simpler use cases.