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About the department (TJS ELIN)

The research and teaching competences of TJS ELIN cover the Cognitive Electronics and Communication Technologies activity fields. The R&D activities are well justified with interests of the industry, but also are looking into the future, following the major development trends in the indicated activity fields. The department has a very solid laboratory base for R&D and study activities, giving the students high-level skills for starting their professional careers.

Who is Thomas Johann Seebeck?

Who was Thomas Johann Seebeck?
Thomas Johann Seebeck was born in Tallinn in 1770 and he is the well-known Estonian-German Physicist. His main research fields were thermoelectricity, magnetics, and optics. Thomas Johann Seebeck is the inventor of thermoelectric effect, known today as Seebeck effect. His ideas are nowadays used in space technology and semiconductor electronics (see Video).

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  • Communicative Electronics
  • Harware Developments and Programming


Program Manager: Andres Eek

Assistant to Program Manager: Jane Rang


Research Groups

  • Research Laboratory for Cognitronics
  • Communication Systems Research Group
  • Measurement Electronics Research Group

Research Projects

Information about Thomas Johann Seebeck Department of Electronics ongoing projects and successfully finished projects.


Patents and Laboratories

  • Ability to measure the Impedance.
  • Hall effect measurement.
  • Deep Level Spectroscopy measurements (DLTS) for semiconductor materials.
  • Characterization of semiconductor sensors.

Forms of Cooperation

Thomas Johann Seebeck Department of Electronics cooperates with both large and small companies from Estonia and abroad, local governments, ministries and other various organizations.