Tallinn University of Technology

Student Labs

Thomas Johann Seebeck Department of Electronics student laboratories are equipped with up-to-date workplaces to create a modern learning environment for bachelor's and master's students. The use of study laboratories and the hardware located in them is possible in agreement with the responsible lecturer.

Responsible lecturer Eero Haldre

Will be updated

Responsible lecturer Kaiser Pärnamets

Study packages Kogus
Base Unit (LabVolt) + USB & Power Supply 8
Base Unit (LabVolt) + RS232 & Power Supply 3
Base Unit (LabVolt) + RS232 1
91013-20 Operational Amplifier Applicatons (LabVolt) 8
91018-20 Analog Communications (LabVolt) 8
91019-20 Trancducer Fundamentals (LabVolt) 8
91022-20 Digital Communications 1 (LabVolt) 8
91023-20 Digital Communications 2 (LabVolt) 8
91024-20 Motors, Generators and Controls (LabVolt) 3
91025-20 Fiber Optic Communications (LabVolt) 8
91026-20 Power Transistors & GTO Thyristor (LabVolt) 4
Measuring equipment Kogus
ETS-7000 Digital-Analog Training System 8
DSO - X 2012A Digital Storage Oscilloscope (Agilent Tech) 100 MHz 8
HM303 - 6 Analog Oscilloscope (Hameg Instruments) 4
GAD - 201G Automatic Distortion Meter (Gw Instek) 10
PS-613 DC Power Supply, 0-30V, 2,5A, 12V, 5V 6
EP-603 DC Power Supply, 0-30V, 2,5A, 12V, 5V 4
TM202 Light Meter (TENMARS) 2
1335 Light meter (TES) 2
CMC250 Frequency Counter (Tektronix), 1,3 GHz 1
CFC250 Frequency Counter (Tektronix), 100 MHz 1
Protek 506 Digital Multimeter 10
FG-2002C Function Generator (GoldStar), 2 MHz 2

Responsible coordinator Frederick Rang

Will be updated

Responsible lecturer Marika Kulmar

Measuring equipment Kogus
Rohde&Schwarz SMC100A signal generator 9 kHz- 3,2 kHz 10
Rohde&Schwarz FSH4 Spectrum analyzer 100 kHz-3,6 GHz 10
Keysight DSOX1102G Digital Storage Oscilloscope 100 MHz 2 GSa/s 16
Keysight ME1300 Antenna Training Kit, RX ja TX 10
Keysight CXA Signal Analyzer N9000B 9kHz-7,5 GHz 10
ME1200 Transmission Line SWR Measurement 10
ME1000 RF Training Kit, RX ja TX 10
Keysight CXA Signal Analyzer N9000B 9kHz-7,5 GHz 1
Agilent CSA Spectrum Analyzer 100 kHz-6 GHz 1
Longshine 56K Data/Fax Modem LC8-8156C1 14
Multimeeter Velleman DVM850BL 10
Asus RT-AC66U Dual Band 3x3 802.11AC Gigabit Router 10
Antennid 433 MHz, 915 MHz, 2400 MHz. Monopol, dipol,  spiral  
Rohde&Schwarz AVG Power Sensor NRP-Z211 10Mhz...8GHz, 1nW...100 mW,-60 dBm...+20dBm