Tallinn University of Technology

Trustworthy Software Technologies

The theme comprises two research groups at TalTech: the Compositional Systems and Methods group, led by Professor Pawel Sobocinski and the Logic and Semantics group, led by Professor Tarmo Uustalu. We are interested in helping small and medium startups that see software development as an important part of their business.


  • Functional programming
  • Type-driven development
  • Compositional descriptions of systems
  • Category theory and logic


When the code base of a software project gets large enough it becomes increasingly difficult and expensive to understand, maintain, and give guarantees about stability and correctness. We are working to help to untangle the spaghetti, focusing on programming language technology and the underlying mathematical foundations from category theory and other fields. Band-aids, string and sticky tape won’t solve the problem of software design: we believe that getting the mathematics right is the key to the trustworthy software of the future.

Courses for Developers

Compositionality Consulting

Spin-off Projects

  • Stay ahead of the pack by training your developers in state of the art program- ming language technology
  • Spring semester courses on functional and type-driven development, and category theory open for external participation
  • Shorter, intensive on-demand courses for your developers

We can help your software architects to untangle your projects. We can help with specification, verification, and principled, compositional software design

  • We are already working with two small European startups – Statebox and Lamassu
  • If you have an idea that needs further knowledge on the subject, contact us and let’s collaborate


We are a dynamic, international team of researchers, and are always looking for investors and new industrial partners. Let us explain our ideas to you!