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Department of Software Science Main Figures 2022

The research groups of the Department of Software Science, with their excellence, act as leaders or partners in various nationally or internationally funded research and development projects, applied research and educational development projects. The Department's research groups competences are divided into the 6 fields of cooperation:

Centres of Excellence and projects

Centres of Excellence bring together the competences and potential of research institutions into a single visible contact point and cooperation partner for external partners to create a platform for applied research and international research cooperation. The competences of the research groups of the Department of Software Science and the interdisciplinary cooperation with various research groups of the university, as well as with other Estonian and foreign research and development institutions, are applied in several projects, which have led, for example, to the establishment of functioning centres of excellence: the Centre for Digital Forensics and Cyber Security, the FinEst Centre for Smart Cities and the AI & Robotics Estonia (AIRE).

While continuing their work at the centres of excellence established within the framework of various projects, today our research groups are engaged in innovation at the newly launched centres of excellence: the Estonian Centre of Excellence in Artificial Intelligence (EXAI) (coordinator: University of Tartu, partners: Tallinn University of Technology, Cybernetica AS), the Centre of Excellence in Energy Efficiency (ENER) (coordinator: Tallinn University of Technology, partners: University of Tartu and Tallinn University) and the leading role of the Artificial Intelligence Focal Centre of Excellence.

For a more detailed overview of the Department's most relevant projects, please visit the Department's research groups page or the Estonian Research Information System (ETIS).