Tallinn University of Technology


On Jan 9-20, 2023, 23 cybersecurity master's students from France visited TalTech ICT-building. The CYBERUS Erasmus Mundus Joint Master in cybersecurity is two-year full-time master programme where students take courses from three universities: Université Bretagne Sud (France), Université Libre de Belgique (Belgium) and Université du Luxembourg (Luxembourg) and participated at the end of the first semester in a Winter School “The Cyberlandscape: Cyberthreats and Cyberactors“ organised by TalTech. At this course the role of cyberspace as a domain of operations for state and non-state actors was examined.
The course programme has been created by Dr Adrian Venables from the Centre for Digital Forensics and Cyber Security, involving our researchers and experts. Among other activities, the students visited important cybersecurity organisations and companies in Tallinn, such as NATO CCDCOE and cyberrange CR14, Cybernetica, CybExer Technologies and Guardtime.
This cooperation project is consistent with skill needs in Estonian and European cybersecurity sectors and meets Estonia's demand for future researchers and experts in the field of cybersecurity.
More information about the programme and TalTech's participation at: https://master-cyberus.eu/programme/overview

This year's e-Gov Winter School gathered bright participants from many parts of the world, including Japan, Brazil, and Malaysia to excel skills in Digital Transformation in the public sector and the core of secure e-Governance in Estonia. In the conclusion outstanding innovative final project ideas were pitched by graduates such as: e-Perekond (Reunite with family), REALTORA (Real estate register), Metaverse (Improving society’s digital literacy), TaxRated (Tax Return and Tax on Emoluments Declaration System) and many others. These ideas can change the digital future!